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Dentistry in Miami

Having just good teeth from birth is not enough. They should also be very well-groomed, cleaned and bleached. An expensive smile shows the level of well-being, position on the social ladder, willingness to invest in oneself and taking care of one’s health, which is perceived as definitely positive qualities.

American Butler can help you find the perfect dentist and clinic in Miami if you decide to treat or fix your teeth. You just need to leave a request and describe the essence of the problem, and we will already advise what you should do next. Below we have prepared material about the features of dentistry and treatment options.

Dentistry in Miami — American smile photo — American ButlerFeatures of dentistry in Miami

A luxurious smile in the USA is part of the culture. According to the quality of the teeth, it is easy to determine the social status and property status of the interlocutor. To look into each other's mouth and mentally, or even aloud, evaluate the work of a dentist for Americans seems completely normal.

There is a purely American proverb “you can’t think more about yourself than about your teeth,” and it is perceived as a common truth. The quality of the mouth impresses others much more than a good car. At prices, perhaps comparable, but the car can be rolling, which is impossible to say about excellent and well-groomed teeth.

Dentists are really important in the USA. As a poet in Russia is more than a poet, so is a doctor in the United States more than a dentist. Dentistry in the world is far behind American standards in all respects: in the quality of materials, equipment, technology, and even in the training of doctors and medical personnel. The latest equipment and the highest requirements for quality work affects the fantastic result of American clinics.


All medical clinics recommend visiting a doctor at least once every six months for professional cleaning and bleaching. The teeth should not only be healthy and strong, but also impress others with a pearl glow.

The main procedures include:

  • diagnostics using tomographic and x-ray studies;
  • treatment;
  • preventive treatment;
  • cosmetic procedures;
  • bite recovery;
  • prosthetics.

In every field, American medicine boasts the very best. A beautiful mouth is now very much appreciated, especially when you are not tormented by pain, you do not feel discomfort. Moreover, in the United States, with the right choice of a dentist, the probability of error is actually reduced to zero. Although you need to be honest and acknowledge the fact that no one is safe from them. Cases are different and it is not always possible to cure an already running case.

Dentists Miami — mom and baby photo — American Butler

Using innovative materials and technologies

Innovations relate to the most accurate diagnosis, allowing you to start treatment before the disease, enamel friability or root problems manifest themselves. Timely treatment allows you to maintain your own healthy fangs throughout life. New materials, excellent anesthesia, a special approach to instrument sterilization and the use of disposable supplies.

Dentistry in the USA — photo of a dentist in Miami — American ButlerChildren receive timely help, which allows them to grow good molars. In other countries, treatment is rarely given enough attention. Why treat if it falls out anyway. But the infection that enters through a diseased milk tooth is very likely to damage the molars. Pediatric dentistry in Miami is very good.

  • Alignment

Having an uneven bite is tantamount to recognizing descent from the social lower classes. Bite must be corrected. There are special systems that can align the teeth of an adult, strengthen the roots and prevent loss. In fashion, naturalness, natural forms, you can discuss the shape of a smile with a beautician and choose the perfect format for your face. Dentistry in Miami is one of the best, even by the standards of the United States.

  • Implantation

Instead of missing teeth in the jaw, special surgical pins are mounted on which artificial implants are built, indistinguishable from real ones. The technology has been worked out for a long time, there are no problems with rejection and other horrors that scare our doctors. Partial restoration uses veneers.

  • Exotic and inlay

All kinds of inlays on the teeth and other traumatic manipulations, such as pointed fangs and other exotic, can be performed in a good clinic only in exceptional cases. For example, if you are a world star. Usually traumatic procedures involved in semi-legal rooms and hospitals, which are many in the United States. The fact is that in a decent clinic a client can sue for deterioration of health and quality of teeth, and win the case with thousands of compensation.

Dentists Miami — teeth straightening and alignment, implantation — American Butler

Dental cost and prices in Miami

Pediatric Dentistry in Miami — family brushing teeth — American ButlerIf possible, it is better to take advantage of the achievements of American development in this area of medicine. Good dentists in Miami work in large hospitals and private rooms. It will be better to get information about doctors in advance and make an appointment in advance. In the United States, space prices may apply, especially if there is no insurance. For citizens, there is a certain package of compulsory medical services available free of charge for a number of categories of the population. For example, for students and senior citizens. Be sure to check prices in advance.

The prices for odontology, if you do not have full health insurance, including oral treatment, are very impressive. She relies on employees of large corporations and retirees. The rest should lay out large enough amounts.

Like all expensive services that provide access to a privileged class or at least to the appearance of representatives of highly paid elites, dentistry in the USA and in particular in Miami has cheap analogues. Something like breast enlargement in a hairdressing salon or fake expensive watches in souvenir shops. Unfortunately, this can not be avoided and such cases are not frequent, but come across.

If you plan to save on dental services in Miami, it is better to choose a different country and a legal clinic. Dental prices are quite affordable. Of course, you won’t get such a service and approach as in treatment rooms in Miami.

American Butler is here to help you find the best dentist in Miami.

Leave your request or contact us by phone +1-305-588-7298.
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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