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Who is Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the most famous and controversial figures of our time. Some people worship him as a genius and initiator of the digital revolution, others condemn the creation of a median drug and a rather specific way of life. Jobs can be treated differently, but almost every one of us will find, for which to thank him.

Let's see why Steve Jobs really deserves a place in history books and for what you can love him endlessly.

What Steve Jobs has achieved

  • For being the same as everyone

Who is and what created Steve Jobs - photo of a genius - American ButlerContrary to the opinion of rabid fans, Jobs was not born in a superhero cloak. He was not a man with great potential and some very useful ambitions. His communication with technology began with the repair of air conditioners and the collection of devices for telephone pranks. He was interested in everything that was utterly useless for society around: video games, calligraphy, hippie and vagabond, spiritual quest, the use of friends and other not very productive things. But in the end he was able to squeeze the benefits even from such source data.

His experience suggests that in weaknesses there is no unequivocal evil, that everyone can achieve something, regardless of who he was before. And also that the ideas of one person sometimes turn out to be better than the development of hundreds in corporations.

  • For the fact that the framework is no more

Being primarily a dreamer and designer, Steve Jobs made a breakthrough in terms of visual design and convenience devices. Before him, people only thought about functionality - issues of aesthetics and comfort were far beyond the board.

It was even considered indecent to take care of such things among computer scientists. A variety of fonts, body options, color design elements, beautiful icons, touch screens, intuitive controls - all this began to develop only thanks to Jobs.

Given that he needed to cooperate with respectable corporations, Jobs’s image did not tolerate any changes. He always remained himself - barefoot, often unwashed hipparian Buddhist. It was Jobs who dismissed the image of a millionaire genius in a suit and polished boots: a turtleneck, jeans and sneakers, it turns out, is also quite nothing for the head of the corporation.

Photo of the great entrepreneur Steve Jobs - American Butler

What created the genius of information technology

  • For the mouse and touchpads

What no computer is now unthinkable without could have appeared. But fortunately, in the garage at Jobs, they still figured out how to adapt a computer mouse for widespread use, and later a touch block for laptops. This gave a great impetus to the development of graphics tablets and programs.

  • For the iPhone, Apple Computer and "Tuna"

Of course, all this is a product of collective labor, but it was Steve Jobs’s ideas that were the beginning of the development. And we will immediately respond to all opponents of Apple gadgets and gadgets in particular, why this is important:

  1. Steve Jobs Presents his last Iphone 4 - American ButlerApple products spurred global competition and are driving software and device developers to progress. With the introduction of Apple and their regular presentations to the market, other companies have to develop faster and more efficiently, and this stimulates science, the economy and even the humanitarian sectors of society;
  2. Whatever people say about total control, damage to youth and other conspiracy theories, Apple products really make the world around us more comfortable. At a minimum, there are always excellent cards on hand, a camera, access to millions of information resources and documents, a means of communication, a media player and many other useful features in a really stylish and pleasant shell;
  3. Libraries of media files, such as iTunes (or the tuna common people), have become one of the important promotion tools. Art has become easier, more mobile, more accessible. In this case, no piracy.

Many developments were carried out before Jobs, but it was only a theory or timid attempts to implement something. And only one person began to pull everything “but here” from the underground to mass production.

  • For Pixar

Once, Steve Jobs bought a small but promising division of the film company Lucasfilm for big money - it was unprofitable to maintain his studio. It was a computer graphics department, which in the 70s was quite expensive and not very popular. Later, the department will turn into the most famous animation team after the brainchild of Walt Disney - studio Pixar.

At first, Pixar was engaged only in graphics software, animated videos were made only for program presentations. For a long time, the studio only incurred losses, but Jobs stubbornly invested money in it and believed that the sense would definitely come out. As a result, the company's specialists found their niche and began to engage in film production. And then you yourself know: "Toy Story", "Monsters Corporation", "WALL-E", "Ratatouille"...

Photo of young Steve Jobs before creating Apple - American Butler

The image of Jobs, as an icon and an example to follow

  • For direct communication

The director is no longer the one who looks at the procession from the balcony, he is a participant in the events. It was Steve Jobs who started the tradition of public presentations of the company's products, where the head of the corporation participates personally. The style of his presentations was copied by many, it became the basis of many memes, critics constantly pounced on his appearance, now on his way of speaking, then on something else. But one thing is important - with all its truly high status and personal characteristics, Steve Jobs did not consider himself above his audience. The format of a lively conversation with the public perpetuated the image of Jobs as "his man."

You can be a fan of Android and shout that Apple is nonsense. You can admire the genius and consider the headquarters in Cupertino a mecca. It can be said that after Jobs died, his business fell into nothing. And you can just try to imagine what a huge way this man has done for some 56 years of life, what kind of work and investment required a small smartphone lying nearby, and how cool it is that we caught it all on take-off. Nevertheless, Steve Jobs is, for what to love.

And for those who want to look at the famous building-ring Apple Park from the inside, will help American Butler.

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