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What you need to know about hurricanes in the USA

News about hurricanes in America regularly appear on television and on the Internet. For those who lived before or continues to live in a quieter area, this looks like a surprise every time. In fact, this is an unpleasant feature of the climate of the US ocean coast, which everyone has long known about.

From early June to late November, the Atlantic Hurricane Season takes place. Sometimes dates shift and the season starts earlier (mid-April), the US Meteorological Service announces this in advance. Even those who move to the United States do not always know about it.

Hurricanes in the USA — photo of Hurricane Irma wind in Miami — American Butler

Natural Disaster Zones

The peak impact of hurricanes falls on the states in the southeastern United States, the Atlantic coastal area and the Gulf of Mexico. Regions of the most active elements raging:

  1. Miami, Florida — storms often pass by the coast, but if they seize, there is little to survive. The city is in the most favorable position for the storm — between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coast.
  2. The island of Key West, Florida — one of the most beautiful resorts that run the risk of completely submerging in the next 50 years. Hurricane passes around the island consistently every 4-6 years.
  3. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina — located closest to the Gulf Stream, has a 15–20% chance of meeting a severe hurricane in the next 10 years.
  4. Tampa, Florida — the last hurricane in this place was seen almost 100 years ago, but this only gives rise to fears that a new one will soon come. After the cataclysm there was literally nothing left alive in this place.
  5. New Orleans, Louisiana — the last time he faced the monstrous hurricane Katrina in 2005, the restoration took many years. Meteorologists predict a chance of a second strike of the elements in the region of 11-15%.

As can be seen from the reports of the emergency and meteorological services, Florida is the absolute champion in terms of hosting hurricanes.

The strongest hurricanes in America in the 21st century — photo effects after Irma in 2017 — American Butler

Hurricanes in florida

Despite the wild destructive potential, it is accepted to call hurricanes as pleasant names, more often female. So only from the beginning of the 21st century in Florida have gone:

  • Isabel — 2003, received 5 out of 5 points in the hazard classification. Temperamental Madame, demolished everything she could.
  • Katrina — 2005. Flooded almost 90% of the area of New Orleans, killed 1,840 people, caused record damage of $125 billion. In addition to Florida and Louisiana, it damaged the landscape of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. Millions of people were left without communications, looting and infectious diseases for a long time did not leave the affected areas.

Strong hurricanes in America — evacuation and traffic jams after a storm warning — American Butler

  • Rita — 2005 Spilled 90% of oil and gas rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Has killed 120 people, caused damage of $10 billion.
  • Gustav — 2008, yielded to the ladies of destructiveness, 4 points out of 5. Caused a lot of landslides and landslides.
  • Ike — 2008, came along with a friend, but did not calculate the forces. For 9 days completely destroyed the resort town of Galveston in Texas.
  • Sandy — 2012, claimed 165 lives and remained in the history of the hurricane with the largest diameter of the storm funnel. It also affected Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and even eastern Canada.
  • Arthur — 2014, the honorary opening season. For 7 days, the entire Atlantic coast was tormented by floods, a gale-force wind, it tore off roofs and power lines, canceled the celebration of Independence Day. But in general, it was quite easy, he did not bring victims.
  • Irma — 2017, one of the most dangerous hurricane forecasts, and the longest in the history of observations, which quickly picked up speed and was quite devastating on the islands in front of Florida. He took 64 lives and the damage from destruction amounted to more than 65 billion dollars.

Florida hurricanes most often question the competence of the authorities. Due to the frequent defeat and destruction of the operational headquarters and emergency services, they are not always correct and timely. This gives rise to many discussions in society.

Despite this, there are a number of official recommendations that are worth listening to.

Photo of the aftermath of the hurricane in Florida — American Butler

Tips: what to do if a hurricane comes

On average, about 10-15 storms of varying degrees of intensity pass in one season.

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency is in charge of preventing and eliminating the effects of hurricanes and storms. They also constitute a list of recommendations and recommendations on behavior in case of natural disasters. Focusing on the main ones:

  • do not try to save property with the risk to life;

Tips: what to do if a hurricane came — photos of empty store shelves — American Butler

  • The emergency budget contains the sums to cover any damage caused by the cataclysm regardless of its severity. This became especially apparent after the arrival of Katrina in 2005. Many hurricane victims suffered precisely because of the desire to save things, but in reality nothing of the material is worth human life and health;
  • Do not hide in basements and sheds;
  • during floods or storm winds this can be extremely dangerous. Finding people in such shelters is almost impossible;
  • go further from the coastlines;
  • especially in recent years there has been a tendency of such a risk for the sake of beautiful or iconic frames. However, being near water during a storm is extremely life threatening;
  • evacuation is required for all;
  • when declaring a state of emergency and mass evacuation, you must immediately collect things and leave the disaster zone. If you need any information, help, or need to provide any information about the missing, you can contact the National Guard soldiers, FEMA officers or Red Cross volunteers who are working on the site.

Hurricanes, storms, typhoons and any other natural disasters, of course, cannot be canceled. But learning to live with them in such a way as to avoid problems is quite real.

American Butler is located in the USA — we definitely have some experience in this. And we are always happy to share with you valuable information and offer help with the organization of leisure in America without risk and danger — only pleasant impressions and positive memories.

If you have any questions, ask! We will be happy to help!
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  • 3.Secure payments
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