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How to organize a rest in Miami

The sunny beaches of Miami attract tourists from all over the world every day. To visit this resort city and its surroundings, it is enough to issue a visa and buy a ticket, but this way of traveling is expensive and does not provide freedom of movement. That's why to organize a rest in Miami independently — this is the best option for lovers of independent recreation.

How to organize your own vacation in Miami — American ButlerThe advantages and disadvantages of self-leisure

Preparing for a visit to Miami without the help of a travel company agent is quite troublesome. But we are ready to share a lot of recommendations that will help you to plan your trip correctly, without forgetting anything.

Traveling without vouchers has both significant advantages and disadvantages. Among the positive moments stand out:

  • freedom of action — the tourist himself decides where to stay, what to see;
  • the opportunity to save, settling in cheaper hotels, using public transport;
  • unusual travel — this kind of vacation is like a quest for survival in unfamiliar conditions;
  • It’s not always possible to talk with the local population as a part of Russian-speaking tourist groups.

Among the disadvantages:

  • a lot of time is spent preparing for the trip;
  • self-registration of a visa;
  • you will have to get from the airport by taxi, the cost of which is much more expensive compared to the transfer organized by the tour operator;
  • the language barrier.

Independent rest deprives of all privileges provided by travel companies. Tour operators will organize the rest completely, taking into account all the details and providing for possible emergency situations, such as luggage problems, flight delay. Traveling on your own, you may encounter a number of circumstances that violate your plans.

How to save on expenses when planning a trip to Miami - American Butler

How to save on expenses?

Preparation for a trip to the coast of Florida includes:

  • Getting a visa

In order to get a tourist visa for a trip to Miami, you must contact the US embassy or consulate. It is necessary to provide the necessary documents and certificates, pay a consular fee of $160. The visa is prepared in time from one to three days.

  • Buying tickets

By purchasing tickets for a flight to Miami, a tourist can plan a date, time of day, adjusting to his desires and opportunities. It also gives you the opportunity to choose a cheaper ticket from several options. The price of the cheapest ticket is 37-40 thousand rubles.

  • Search for housing

Since the destination is one city, Miami, it is better to book a hotel. This can be done through various booking systems or directly on the site of the hotel of interest. Hotel rooms will cost from $250 per day. And you can rent not only a hotel room, but also a private house, part of a house or a room. The budget option is to settle on the spot in the hostel. If you just need a room with a bed for a night shelter, then it will cost at least 70 rubles.

How to get around Miami and its surroundings

In addition to housing, you can take care of renting a car. Rent a simple car will cost from $50 per day, they still need to add fuel costs. For those who do not need a rented car, you can move by public transport, costing $2, or by bike.

Already in the city, in addition to accommodation and transportation, it is necessary to provide for the costs of:

  • food — on average, food per day costs $10-30;
  • entertainment — 200-300 dollars;
  • shopping — 200-300 dollars.

Tips on how to organize your vacation in Miami - Photos - American ButlerUseful tips for travelers

  1. Since traveling will have to go it alone, it is recommended to learn some spoken English in order to communicate with the locals. Spanish is also widely spoken in the city.
  2. Even at the planning stage, carefully study the possible routes, overnight places to calculate the costs.
  3. Visit Miami in the period from autumn to summer — in summer there is high heat, heavy rains and a high threat of hurricanes.
  4. You can exchange currency immediately at the airport or in numerous banks and branches. Also here the cashless payment system works fine.
  5. If you travel by public transport, you can buy a ticket for the week.
  6. In cafes, restaurants and taxis it is customary to tip up to 15 to 25%.
  7. East coast of Florida is suitable for lovers of entertainment, the west — for a family holiday.

In addition, we should not forget that Miami is a resort where the cruise business is well developed. Thousands of yachts and boats cruise to the islands of Key West and the Bahamas are released every day by the ports of the city. From Miami, you can fly to Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, Latin America.

Tickets for cruise itineraries can be bought at numerous travel agencies, for example, at the travel agency American Butler. In addition to organizing the tour, the agency in Miami will help arrange a transfer from the airport, find accommodation, rent a car, draw up a route plan for independent travel.

Thanks to the American Butler company you will get to know the best sides of sunny Miami!
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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