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Miami Beaches

The most popular world resort is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. In this place you will not meet the peak of the season, and you can lie on the beach at any time of the year. The warm current of the Gulf Stream softens the subtropical conditions, which are known for constant rain and strong winds from late spring to autumn.

The length of the coast for many kilometers gives excellent opportunities for rich rest. Local beaches - the widest strip of fine and white sand with a small number of shells, and near the coast almost perfectly smooth surface, the water near the coast is clear and warm. The best beaches in Miami are able to meet the needs of every visitor.

Which beach shores of Miami can truly be considered the best? And what kind of "gentleman's" kit should be present to take this title?

Best beaches of Miami Beach — photo by American Butler

Entertainment on the beaches of Miami Beach

The American resort is known for its free beaches, combined with classic day and night entertainment:

  • skydiving;
  • parasailing (parasailing);
  • kitesurfing (kitesurfing);
  • wakeboarding;
  • volleyball and football grounds.

Each section is provided with a children's area and a rubber surface. The climate zone in Miami is subtropical in nature, therefore, even in cloudy weather, no one is immune from sunstroke or burn. A baseball cap and a remedy for the sun — archival objects on vacation.

How to decide the abundant beaches of Miami? From the north to the south side lies Collins Avenue, and from the south to the north it is divided into small areas of the streets from 1st to 192nd. Absolutely all exits to are equipped with lavatories and showers. Urban garage with parking area located near 42nd Street. On the segment between the 21st and 46th streets, a promenade of natural wood stretched out, a place where people walk, jog, or simply walk their pets.

Popular beaches in Miami — photo of the beach on the island of Virginia Key — American Butler

Popular beaches in Miami: American Butler Guide

Among the beaches there is a kind of rating table. Beach Miami Beach certainly covers the top line of the list. What is so unusual about him? Comfortable town located twenty minutes from the local airport. You can often see how local residents or tourists ride bicycles and languidly walk along the embankment, and the board surface smoothly turns into soft sand.

  • South Beach is the first of the famous beaches, located along Ocean Drive, the real tourist center of Miami Beach, which occupies the area between 5th and 21st avenues. South Beach is surrounded on all sides by luxury hotels and resembles Vegas with its fun until the morning. Prestigious and sought-after place for filming and television reports about the luxurious life, in this regard, there may be difficulties with car parking. The most sought after region for entertainment on the water.
  • Lummus Park — the area next to the park and special athletic fields. In this place you can rent equipment for entertainment on the water. Bicycles are also available for hire, which you can easily take on your excursion. Another, no less tempting offer is to play volleyball with the guys and leave the children in the play area with a rubber surface.
  • South Pointe park is considered part of a shaded park with a picnic area and playgrounds for the smallest. The beachfront is located near the fishing pier with a picturesque view of the luxury cruise liners. An excellent solution for those wishing to recover from the city bustle.
  • Bal Harbour runs in an elite area where a huge amount has gathered. Beach pastime perfectly with shopping in the shopping mall.
  • Beach in the suburb of Miami Sunny Isles Beach — American ButlerSurfside is a compact natural coastline on the background of two and three-story buildings.
  • Sunny Isles Beach is like a condo canyon. It runs on the territory of 5 kilometers of beaches, hotels, shops and souvenir shops.
  • Mid Beach is a wide and not too crowded beach, which is located in the heart of the city. Budget options for hotels and restaurants in combination with quiet music make it attractive for family entertainment.
  • Haulover Beach is another unique place. Nudist beach in Miami Beach, recommended for those who want to achieve the perfect tan. The territory of white sand spread for kilometers, harmoniously combined with the ocean surf and colorful nature. A little away behind the low fence you can see a beach paradise with excellent conditions for surfers. Near the nudist beach is the eponymous Haulover Park.
  • Crandon Park is a favorite place for children because of the unusual shape of the lagoon. It is also a place of a sand bar, a park with various attractions, special picnic areas and small shops with a varied assortment. An ideal place to spend with the kids.
  • Matheson Hammock park is one of the original holiday sites in Miami, founded in the 1930s. The artificial bay and darkened mangroves provide wonderful conditions for tanning and surfboarding. The bay begins with shallow water, a vast beach with a large-scale park and a separate picnic area.
  • Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park — known in the USA, with a sandy coast and low waves. This is where you will find the famous Cape Florida. You should definitely go there and admire the beautiful scenery of untouched nature.
  • Oleta River State Park has prepared for you beautiful paths for mastering on a bicycle or roller skates. Favorite gathering place for lovers of fishing, picnic, and kayaking.
  • Virginia Key is famous for its ever-growing number of people, because it is five minutes from the center. This place is visited by people with their pets.
  • Between 53rd and 63rd streets there is a pleasant coast, on which there are usually few people. This is a favorite place to spend time with family, bordering on colorful and active Collins Street.
  • The beach in the middle of 21st and 35th streets is relevant for joggers. The boardwalk surface of Miami Beach smoothly turns into asphalt. It has everything you need: from rescue towers to bars with all sorts of tropical cocktails and delicious snacks.
  • The northern section near 85th Street is located in the magnificent North Shores Park. The remote place is visited mainly for privacy. Shady alleys, various simulators, barbecue grills, and all this among the sand dunes.

Photo rescue booth on the best beaches of Miami — American Butler

What you need to know when visiting the beaches of Miami

All beaches have a notification system:

  • green — allowed to swim;
  • yellow — unsafe conditions;
  • purple — a huge number of animals, fish and jellyfish in the water;
  • red color of the flag — swimming in the water is prohibited.

Rescue towers are mandatory component. The area is fenced, on the plates it is usually indicated that it is free to visit from 5-00 to 00-00.

Everywhere there are rental points for umbrellas and loungers. The period of the day for rent: from early morning to five in the evening, after which all rental points stop their work. The remaining vacationers rent or take everything you need with you.

The whole territory of Miami is clean and completely free. The only exception may be only the beaches with respectable hotels with paid sun beds, umbrellas. Anyone can come there with their own chaise longue, umbrella and snack.

In the bars you can always find ecological water, as well as snacks. Alcohol is prohibited. The area is systematically cleaned, toilets and showers are located everywhere. For lovers of sunbathing topless waiting for their advantages in designated areas.

Photos of beaches in Miami are really impressive and give inspiration to go there.
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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