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USA Health Insurance: where to start choosing

Every person who cares about their health wants to receive quality treatment. In America there is no compulsory health insurance program, so the help of doctors can cost quite a round sum.

US health insurance is required in case of sudden illness or injury. American Butler advises clients and helps you choose the right medical package for you.

US Health Insurance — American ButlerUS Health Insurance status

US health care is very expensive. In the absence of insurance, you run the risk of being left without help, or getting a minimum examination only in free clinics. The conclusion of an agreement with an insurance company to purchase a medical policy protects against possible troubles.

In addition, according to the recent Affordable Care Act, health care reform, you are required by law to purchase an insurance package if you have been legally living (studying or working) in America for a long time.

The essence of insurance is the monthly payment of a certain amount to the insurance organization. In the event of illness or damage, she takes part of the costs. It is worth noting that insurance does not always fully cover treatment.

The type of health insurance is directly proportional to your financial circumstances.

You can independently purchase a full or percentage package, or seek help from the state. Subsidies are provided for the poor. Also, payment can be made by the organization when applying for a job.

Types of health insurance in the USA

Existing types of health insurance in America:

  • Health maintenance organizations (MediCal California)

Is the cheapest option. Services are provided within medical institutions of only one network. The list of specialized specialists and the choice of clinics with HMO and MS are limited. To visit the necessary specialist, it is necessary to take the direction from the therapist attached to the patient. It covers only consultations of doctors of this network.

  • Peferred provider organizations

The most expensive, but also very advantageous offer. An extensive network of medical institutions that collaborates with many other medical organizations. Treatment can also be obtained outside of PPO, taking a referral for this is not required.

  • Point of service and Exclusive Provider

Offer a limited range of services for cheap doctors.

US Health Insurance costs — American ButlerPlans

Insurance plans in the United States depend on how much of the cost the agent company reimburses for you. There are five basic suggestions:

  1. The platinum package includes 90% of the payment of expenses.
  2. Gold will cost the agency about 80%.
  3. Silver will save you up to 70%.
  4. Bronze involves a refund of 60% of the money spent.
  5. The minimum plan only pays for emergency cases for people under the age of 30 or people with limited financial resources.

Rates for health insurance differ in the form of payment. So:

  • co-pay

Is a fixed part of the fee for a particular service, the rest is covered by the insurance company.

  • deductible

Prepayment before the start of the package.

  • co-insurance

Is partially paid (the percentage of the cost is specified in the contract), the remaining part is repaid at the expense of the insured.

  • out of pocket maximum

When you spend a certain maximum amount, a further 100% refund occurs.

The services of a dentist and ophthalmologist are included only in the children's insurance plan.

Types of Health Insurance in America — USA tariffs and insurance plans — American Butler

Health Insurance costs in America

You can purchase a policy through the Health Insurance market or a nationwide resource. There is a fixed period for making a transaction of this kind — from November 15 to February 15 of the current reporting year. The cost of health insurance in the United States remains stable for 12 months from the start of sales. Force majeure circumstances give the right to purchase out of time.

The price of insurance in the United States consists of several points. This is the region of residence, the level of your income and the quality of the insurance plan. A minimum plan such as HMO will cost $150 per person, platinum will cost from $350. Single-parent families with young children and people with financial and social problems, as well as pregnant women, have the right to rely on state assistance. In this case, the cost will be much lower.

Our team of highly qualified specialists works only with trusted insurance companies.

American Butler will choose the right insurance plan for you.
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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