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How to tip in the US

Tipping culture is not so developed in Eastern Europe and the former USSR. This is not always easy to get used to, but will have to. The voluntary act of mercy in the United States has long become an indispensable element of service. And since this is so, it is worth sorting out the issue in more detail.

What kind of tea?

The word "tip" does not mean money for the purchase of tea by the employee, and tea as a whole is indirectly connected. It comes from the old English tradition of encouraging waitresses in tea houses — for the promised surcharge “past the cashier” servants quickly served the drink to the client.

How to give a tip in the USA — photo of a couple in a restaurant — American ButlerMany people mistakenly think that the word “tips”, the English designation of tips, is an abbreviation of “to insure prompt service”, which means “to provide prompt service”. In fact, it is a noun derived from the Old English verb tip — “to give”.

Tips may also be indicated by the word gratuities - “rewards, bonuses” . The check can be spelled out a fixed amount or percentage, which is usually left as a remuneration to the staff of the institution. More often, this line in the check is empty — you enter the amount opposite and put a signature before you give the check and money.

Cash or card?

You can pay tips and cards, but in this case, your money is more likely to go to the account of the business owner, and not in the pocket of the staff. So cash tips are much more welcome.

The whole point of the tip is that this is a significant part of the earnings of waiters, maids and other service workers.

Salaries of these professions are either very small or absent, and they exist mainly due to tips. It is noteworthy that tax is even paid from the tip, since this is an official income. It is believed that it also helps to interest staff in providing quality services. That is why everyone wants to get tips in cash and pick them up.

About tip size

Leave less than 10% of the amount of the check — the unspoken moveton in the United States. This, of course, will not be the cause of the scandal, but at least they will ask you what you did not like so much that you squeezed money. The generally accepted norm is 15-18% or a few dollars, if the status of the institution is not very high.

There is even a peculiar "Rate" tip — 18%. This tradition went from New York, where the average tax rate is 8.8%. Thus, the client rounds the interest a little and doubles it, and covering the employee the tax, and leaving the bonus.

But not everything is so simple — in different areas of service there were their own rates for tips. Let's talk more about where and how much you will need to leave your hard earned money, and where you should not pay them.

What is the size of the tip to be left in the US — photo change in dollars — American Butler

Where and how do we leave for tea


The standard tip size is 15-20%. In institutions of high cuisine it is customary to leave 20-25%. Sometimes a small service charge is already entered in the check, but additional money from your side is still expected by the waiters.

If you come to a restaurant with a large company (from 4-5 people), tips, as a rule, are immediately written in the check. This line will be called "Gratuity" or "service charge" and make up 18% of the order value.

Cafes, bars, fast food places

In a cafe, the policy is more flexible — you can simply round up the check and don’t count tips separately. But the staff will be much more friendly next time if you leave 10-15% of the check.

In the bars it is customary to add $1-2 to the cost of each ordered drink.

The same $1-2 plus to the check amount is given to the employee of a fast-food restaurant.


For small trips — rounding the amount. If the trip is longer than 5-10 minutes, the taxi driver is waiting for 10-15% of the cost of the trip. Even if it is pre-ordered and paid transfer or free shuttles.

Hotels, hotels

In hotels, almost every service involves a tip. For example, the maid leave from $2 per day — the "transaction" passes every day, just leave the money in a prominent place. A luggage carrier costs $1 for each bag, usually $2 thanks to the doorman for calling the taxi. Valet parking (valet) — about $3 when the vehicle is delivered from the parking lot. Concierge rates may vary depending on the service, but on average it is $3-5.


Even if the wardrobe is free of charge, for each coat or jacket that you donate, you should leave the dressmaker for $1.

Food Delivery Services

For example, a pizza delivery man must add $1-2 to the cost of the order; if he is late, you can give nothing.

In general, the tip will be welcome everywhere. Do not offer them except in hospitals, government offices, police stations and points selling food to go or take out.

Photo of a couple who tip the waiter at a restaurant in the USA — American Butler

Where how much they give - tips in the world

The culture of leaving extra money to staff exists in many countries, but it is a little different everywhere. We have collected basic information about the size of the tip in a special table. It will be useful to those who travel, and those who are just interested to compare.

Tip table by countries
  Cafe, restaurants Taxi Maids Porters Other services
USA 15-25% Not less than 15% From $2 per day $ 1-2 for each suitcase Not less than 10-15%


(1 Canadian dollar = $ 0.94)

10-15% 10-15% $1-2 per day $0.75-2.5 depending on the level of the hotel 15% in beauty salons
Australia 5-10% (optional) You can leave the change to the driver Not accepted Not accepted Not accepted

Great Britain

(1 pound sterling = $ 1.4)


In the bars - they “treat” the bartender with a drink (their cost is paid)



£10-25 per week £ 0.5-1 for each suitcase £2 in beauty salons
Central and Southern Europe 3-15% or rounding up the amount (in Scandinavia not accepted)


(not accepted in Scandinavia)



Upon request (about €1) Not accepted
South American countries About 10% in restaurants, cafes and bars can not leave The score is rounded up $1-2 per day $1-2
  • Guide - $2-3;
  • Concierge - $8-10;
  • Refueling staff - $0.5-1;
  • Beauty salons - 10%.
Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and other Arab countries 10% (another 10-15% are already included in the bill) The score is rounded up $1-2 per day $1-1.5 for each call
  • $1-2 per person for excursions;
  • $2-5 in a special tip-box - part of the staff salary is formed from them.
China, Japan Nowhere and no: a tip is an insult, a reproach in low wages or a bribe.
African countries For anything and as much as you want — the more the better.

Now you can find out who, how much and for what should be left. And to find out more useful information, look at other publications about life in the United States on our website.

The company American Butler is doing everything possible to ensure that your stay in the states was comfortable and enjoyable. We collect the most valuable information for you and are always ready to help with the organization of tours, excursion programs, relocation.

You can always contact our experts through the chat window and ask all your questions.
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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