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Fashion and clothing in the USA

The history of American fashion dates back many decades, when folk motives were the predominant trend. Since then, a lot has changed and American women have become real trendsetters: numerous shopping tours, brand stores, luxury clothing manufacturers confirm this.

American style of clothing is based on three principles: freedom of expression, comfort, functionality. In the American way of dressing, the desire to stand out and a disregard for the opinions of others miraculously coexist. Add to this the national characteristics and beliefs of the peoples living there, and the puzzle can be collected forever.

But we figured out what are the signs of the American spirit in clothes and how to become our own through clothes.

Comfort on the verge of good and evil

Let's start with what gets the most attention.

Fashion and style in the USA — photo of a stylish teenager in America — American ButlerIn almost every city and state of the United States, tourists come across the same picture — someone in dressing gowns, pajamas and slippers walks around the store decorously and chooses milk for a long time. Or freaks in fishnet tights and a highlighter yellow swimsuit. Or a big hot African woman, dressed in a cloth and a half with two laces, refueling the car as if nothing had happened. Yes, they really don't care what you think of them.

And no one will think anything bad about you. As a rule, people from Russia and the former USSR are accustomed to being a showcase of their people. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the US does provide an opportunity to sometimes relax and have fun. If your work is not directly related to representativeness, there will be absolutely no consequences for you - no one will discuss or point a finger. And they will smile not because they scoff, but because they are polite and respectful, no matter what it is comfortable for you to wear.

Simplicity as a foundation

Even on the catwalks of fashion houses in America, it is difficult to find sophisticated outfits, abstract accessories and other "excesses". For years and even centuries, the simplest styles of jeans, T-shirts, shirts and dresses have not gone out of fashion. They almost do not pay attention to shoes at all: both classic shoes and sneakers do not differ in an abundance of decor. The only exception is the assortment of some designers or ethnic stores.

A huge amount of unisex clothes only confirms this rule. Clothing in the United States is as versatile and simple as possible. This makes the selection of items in stores much easier. Considering the racial diversity of the population, this is a huge plus — body parameters are very different, it is quite costly and difficult to develop clothing lines for each of the groups. Today, the supply far exceeds demand, and everyone can find a thing to their liking and body.

American Fashion and Style: History, Culture, Dress Code — Photo by American Butler

Features of American style today

American fashion and style — history and influence — American ButlerIt is not difficult to recognize a representative of American culture: it is enough to pay attention to his clothes. The most prominent features here will be:

  1. Jeans. Jeans will be an almost indispensable element of both women's and men's wardrobe. Comfortable, stylish, fashionable style. Most Americans will prefer denim trousers to classics — and this will be appropriate even at work.
  2. Colors. It's a big misconception that Americans only use practical colors in their wardrobe. In fact, representatives of this culture boldly give preference to bright colors and are not afraid to combine unexpected colors.
  3. Elements of a sports wardrobe. Naturally stylish, branded and expensive. Here you can separately highlight T-shirts (Nike, Adidas), sneakers or trainers (New Balance, Puma), baseball caps (Reebok, Vans), etc.

Of course, hairstyle, manner of speech, and culture of behavior play an important role, which immediately distinguish the American in the crowd. See for yourself by visiting amazing America with American Butler.

Influence of other cultures

The formation of American style in clothing over the course of not a single century has occurred with the constant external influence of other cultures. It is very important to note here the influence of the following European countries:

  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • Ireland;
  • Poland.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the carefree Hawaiians who took part in the formation of the American style, as well as African slaves, who certainly contributed to the motives of the clothes of the inhabitants of this continent.

American fashion and style — history and influence — American Butler

Roots Above All

Americans are sensitive to their history. Therefore, the following things, no matter how wild they look, will never completely leave the cabinets:

  • Cowboy hats — whatever they are worn with, they are sometimes complemented by boots with spurs and pants with a leather seat. Well, what, well, what if the mustang gets caught, and you are not at the parade;
  • Leather fringe is about the same story, but more laconic. It is used both for country looks and for decorating quite serious city bows;
  • "Lumberjack shirts" — for many looks like a Canadian chip, but this is not entirely true. The oversized plaid shirt (traditionally red) is the symbol of American hard workers or rednecks. Besides convenience, they really suit almost everyone;
  • Jeans - in all possible formats, from classic navy overalls to ripped shorts. They were developed like all the same clothes of hard workers, but the entrepreneur from California Levi Strauss (the future founder of Levi's) brought them to the masses back in 1853.

But what about high fashion?

Yes, everything is the same — jeans, leather, simplicity. Classic or evening dresses, suits and other representative things are used mainly by representatives of big business or just very rich people. Well, or for some important events — weddings, graduations, gala receptions. Many people are interested in high fashion, but in fact, not everyone is passionate about it. As a rule, these are the same representatives of the rich strata, because you need to somehow compete in steepness.

How to dress in the USA — the style and fashion of American life — American ButlerLet's simulate a situation that you need very urgently to find something exclusive and pretentious from a top American designer. For example, a dress for a social event. Your budget is not limited, it is important for you that the outfit is as fashionable, modern and status as possible. And here you will definitely run into one or more of these problems:

  • Classic, even slightly outdated styles — a rare American designer departs from the canonical forms. Unusual decorative elements can be added to clothes, but you will definitely not find any special cut. He will have to go to organizations like the Haus of Gaga that serve public freaks;
  • 80% of things will be "closed". Remember that African American woman at the gas station? Your image will be the complete opposite. For many, this looks like a sign of a matron and excessive modesty, but high fashion in America is characterized by a passion for hiding the maximum body area;
  • A rather limited choice of colors — despite the fact that many Americans love variegation, designers try to make their collections as versatile and calm as possible;
  • Fabrics are not always comfortable to wear - especially for "one-time" bows. No matter how expensive, beautiful and interesting the dress is, if the event goes through the heat, and you have squeaky synthetics on you, you will not get much pleasure.

American style and spirit in clothing — photo of a cowboy in a hat and plaid shirt — American Butler

Dress code in the USA

US Dress Code — Photos of People on the Pier — American ButlerCompared to many other countries, the dress code in America is distinguished by a minimum level of severity with a reference to increased convenience and comfort. Experts especially note the following features of the business style in the clothes of Americans:

  1. Shoulders, abdomen and back must be covered. Comfort a priori displaces any vulgarity and frankness, which is why today's baggy and not tight-fitting things can so often be found on the dandies of American megacities.
  2. Of course, some organizations have a special dress code or uniform. This also applies to all kinds of schools or universities. Accordingly, any uniform here is universal in nature, and sometimes it involves some ways for self-expression.
  3. Modesty and strictness. If it is not customary for an organization to wear a specific dress code, then employees are more likely to give their preference to universal gray or black shades, neutral models that are comfortable and simple.

It is often difficult in America to understand whether a certain person is a home programmer or a millionaire in front of you. American culture to dress "according to dress code" is, first of all, restraint and modesty, without any pretentious elements. Think of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.

Despite the fact that fashion in America is a relatively affordable thing, most Americans do not disdain second-hand and sales, where comfort and casual still reign. Spending a lot of money on clothes is considered foolish. After all, there are many things that are much more pleasant to spend money on. Food, for example.

The culture of dressing up stylishly

Contemporary American fashion is very young. It began to take shape in the early 20th century, with local stylists rejecting such widespread tenets as a focus on pathos, luxury and wealth. Initially, American designers relied on the needs of the common man, namely, comfort and simplicity.

American women of fashion can buy a cheap and simple dress, but never cheap shoes. This country of workaholics, accustomed to working hard (and physical labor plays a significant role here), does not allow ladies to walk in high heels for a long time. Hairpin — for selected cases only. Sneakers — for every day.

Shopping tours in the USA are almost useless if you are hoping to find unique items in your collection.

But if your beliefs are also on the side of comfort and freedom, then American Butler will help you find the best places to shop and hang out.
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