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Michelin restaurants in the USA

Michelin produces tires. And also appreciates hotels and restaurants. How does it fit? Just 100 years ago, two brothers decided to create a gastronomic guide to France - so that people would have something to eat during autotravels.

Years later, the guide began to cover most countries of the world, including the United States. We will talk about the best restaurants in this country.

Photo of one of the Michelin restaurants in the USA inside - American ButlerWhat is a Michelin restaurant

There is such a guide - red Michelin guide. It contains the best hotels and restaurants. They are awarded with stars, from one to three:

  • 1 star - just a good restaurant that you will not be disappointed with;
  • 2 stars - an outstanding institution that will surprise;
  • 3 stars - an incredible creation of the gods, the best food you will not try in life.

In gastronomic restaurants, and there are most of them in the guide, the menu is divided into two types:

  • permanent;
  • themed sets (dishes are chosen by the chef, served one by one).

The sets are cheaper than each dish separately, but the portions in them are smaller - so that they fit more into the stomach.

For what the stars of the Michelin Inspectors give, nobody knows - they can not talk about work. But no one denies that at the head of the corner is not the setting, but the dishes themselves. What proves the street tent in Singapore, received a star. But this is Singapore. And where to go in America?

Top 10 US Restaurants

Eleven Madison Park, Manhattan, New York

The institution of the cult restaurateur Dan Meier - under his leadership are also working the Union Square and Gramercy Tavern complexes.

It serves only sets consisting mainly of American cuisine. There is a bar with lots of cocktails. The second floor occupies a dining room overlooking Madison Park.

You can have breakfast for $60 , dine for $120 , and for gourmets, you will be given a tasting 8-course card for $195. Each guest is entitled to a small gift from the restaurant.

Masa, Manhattan, New York

America's most expensive restaurant. Famous for Japanese cuisine. Chef Masa Takayama pays special attention to the selection of ingredients - each component must be combined with each other.

There is no regular menu - the chef loves to experiment and constantly changes the composition of dishes. So there is only a tasting card to choose from - for one it costs $500.

The hall is designed for 26 beds, so book a few months in advance.

Per Se, Manhattan, New York

The menu changes every day and offers assorted dishes from different cuisines: from French to Italian.

The portions are very small - no more than 20 grams, but there are 12 of them. For vegetarians, there is a separate menu. The average bill is $310.

Served quickly - to each guest by waiter. The restaurant is small, so reserve a table in advance. If you are organizing a banquet - the chef will help you create your menu.

Alinea, Chicago

Coming from a family of cooks, Grant Ashac is known for his peculiar approach to modern cuisine. Serving dishes eccentric - local plates will surprise you with its shape and texture.

Book a table in the usual sense, you can not - buy a ticket on the menu. It is divided into two types: a short of 13 dishes and a long one of 24. There are versions for vegetarians. The average bill is $250 per person.

When you look for a restaurant, look closely - it is inconspicuous, hidden behind the usual gray metal door.

The French Laundry, Yontville, California

The restaurant is located on the site of a former laundry - hence the name.

Chef Thomas Keller is an organic food lover, without the use of chemicals, fertilizers and fertilizers. Vegetables for dishes are grown on the spot, and the quality of meat is monitored at the time of the appearance of the calf.

They offer two menus of 9 dishes: from the chef and vegetable. The composition of dishes varies daily, but there are also permanent dishes. Lay out will have $295. Tips can not give - they are already included in the bill.

Benu, San Francisco

Relatively new establishment - opened in 2010 And while the last in the United States, received 3 Michelin stars. The restaurant is a dining room and an adjacent terrace.

They serve mainly Japanese cuisine here: cheese noodles, bream, anchovies. The amount of the average check is quite gentle - from $75 to $150.

A couple of months before the visit, you will have to not only book a table, but also agree on a menu - dishes are cooked for several hours, and nobody wants to wait so much.

The Restaurant at Meadowood, St. Helina, California

Restaurant next to the hotel of the same name in the valley of Napa vineyards. The area around the picturesque: dense gardens, spa, tennis courts and golf courses.

Head of all the chef Christopher Costow. He professes the principle "everyone has the right to decide what the dish will consist of." When booking, the wishes of the client are taken into account. The tasting card includes 10 courses. Will be $200 per guest.

Products are supplied by proven suppliers and local farmers. Wine map consists of drinks from local vineyards and European wines.

Le Bernardin, Manhattan, New York

Eric Ripert - master in cooking seafood. Restaurant critics acknowledge this, and the restaurant occupies a leading position on the TripAdvisor travel portal.

The menu combines American and French traditions. Dinner includes 3 dishes for $135 per person. The author's cuisine is represented in the tasting card, it costs such a pleasure $200. For the wine will have to pay extra separately.

In a T-shirt and shorts it’s better not to go in here - the dress code is valid, only official clothes. But you need to book just a few days, not months.

Michelin's Best Restaurants in the USA - American ButlerCoi, San Francisco

Catering with three stars! Is it even legal?

They get here only by ticket - like in some theater. Prices for a visit - from $145 to $195. This already includes a menu of 12 dishes - you can order at least everything. Alcohol buy separately and only at night.

Such a system is connected with the fact that the restaurateur Daniel Patterson doesn’t like it when cooks have to prepare dishes “offhand” - after all, they will reserve a table for, say, 100 people, and only 50 will come. Where does it fit?

So there are exactly as many tables laid here as tickets purchased.

That is, consider it a dining room in an enterprise where the number of tables is equal to the number of employees.

Bet on the dishes from poultry and fish, desserts. There is a rich selection of wines. The average bill is $275.

Manresa, Los Gatos, California

The restaurant was named after the city of Catalonia, famous for its medieval monasteries and gothic architecture.

Chef David Kinch cares about the quality of vegetables, fruits and cereals, so he orders them from farm land. He carefully selects herbs and spices that are in harmony with the main course. Ingredients start up immediately after collection. That is why the menu is constantly changing and depends on the season.

Meals incorporate the culinary experience of different countries and different eras. Do not be afraid of strange combinations: mussel puree, radish chips, or herring ice cream. This is molecular cuisine and yes, it is here too.

The waiters are unobtrusive, if desired - will help with the proper use of food and tell about the history of the dish and its preparation. The average bill is $275.

Already hungry? Then the American Butler travel agency will help you book a table at any of these restaurants. And not only these, but in general any in the USA!
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates