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What is worth tasting from American food

American cuisine is the youngest and most colorful in the world. Some believe that it does not exist at all, and all true American food is entirely fast food. And this is both true and not true.

We figured out what the American cuisine is, where it came from and what it consists of. Welcome to the gastronomic guide to American refrigerators and tables.

Basics and beginnings

Information about what you can eat in North America, spread after the opening of the continent at the end of the 15th century. The newcomers and the colonialists who settled there kept records about the traditions of the local peoples and tribes, including food. We are interested in the kitchen of the modern United States, so we will be transferred immediately to the end of the 18th century, when 13 British colonies united and formed a sovereign state - let's see what was the foundation of the gastronomy of those times.

American food and cuisine features - photo of beef steak with asparagus - American ButlerThe British who came to relocate naturally brought with them the maximum of their usual products. These were cereals and puddings, wheat flour, ham and other finished products that could survive a long journey. They also brought in special breeds of animals for breeding and slaughter - for example, pigs for obtaining first-class bacon and cows, which give milk and meat of the “correct” fat content.

But the harsh reality gradually destroyed the British comfort zone. Far from all cultures and animals settled down safely in the new place because of the difference in climate, the initial reserves dried up, and importing products from their homeland was long, difficult and expensive. People got into a situation known to us from the words of the song: "I blinded him from what was." New Americans had to stop contempt for food locals and strange unusual cultures because of the need to replace the missing products.

This is how the future American cuisine began to take shape. Over time, the number of visitors from different countries of Europe and Asia, who also contributed something of their own, grew.

A great contribution to gastronomy was made, oddly enough, by slavery. As a result, American cuisine has become a complex and very diverse mix of Indian, English, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Jewish and African cuisines. Moreover, each region of America, depending on the climate and local traditions, has its own specific food.

American dishes - a photo of a cheeseburger in a restaurant - American Butler

Popular American dishes by region

The climate of the United States is very different from north to south, which contributes to the colossal difference in the diet of the residents. To put together a clear picture, let's see what the different areas are famous for.


The cuisine of this region was formed by three main factors: rather cold and harsh winters, culinary traditions of local northern peoples and cowboy culture. As a result, the food is rather “masculine” - nourishing, fatty and simple. Typical dishes of this region will be:

  • Deer meat steak, popular in Alaska;
  • Buffalo jerky is one of the symbols of Wyoming;
  • Meatless beef sandwich without seasonings and sauce;
  • Fried bull eggs (popularly called "Mountain Oysters");
  • Cincinnati chili - spicy sauce on beef broth with beer.

Photo of cream clam chowder - traditional food in the northeastern United States - American ButlerNortheast

The states of this region have access to water, the climate here is ideal for catching fish and seafood. But breeding livestock is not particularly comfortable. This could not affect the dishes:

  • Lobster, symbol of maine;
  • Massachusetts seafood soup or clam chowder;
  • Shellfish pizza - an invention of the Italian migrant community in Connecticut;
  • Lutefisk - Scandinavian fish impregnated with a special alkali solution, produced in Minnesota;
  • Cherry pies from Michigan, the main supplier of cherries in the United States;
  • Maple syrup - sauce from Vermont;
  • Deep pizza;
  • Hot dog - it is believed that he was coined in Illinois.

Photos of famous penkakes in the USA - American national cuisine - American Butler


The so-called Tex-Mex region - the influence of Texas and Mexican cuisine is intertwined with Indian traditions (most post-colonial reservations are concentrated here) and a rich harvest of fruits and vegetables. Corn and legumes are especially common. In addition to the actual Mexican dishes (tacos, burritos, fajitos, etc.), they cook:

  • Fried corn flour tortillas with sauces;
  • Steaks from different types of meat, especially Oklahoma meat;
  • Popcorn and corn chips, Kansas - the leader of their production and consumption;
  • Runza - patties with meat, cabbage, onions and beans;
  • Fruit salads and smoothies are especially popular in California;
  • Pork tenderloin - as a separate dish and filling for a sandwich.

Photo of lobster from Maine - American dishes and food from the USA - American ButlerSoutheast

The cuisine here seems to have folded the traditions of its western and northern neighbors - the warm climate makes it possible to grow many crops, meat is more popular and does not require large pastures, there is a large selection of seafood. Main dishes are:

  • Boiled soft peanuts;
  • Skreppl - the crushed remains of pork meat mixed with cornmeal until homogeneous and fried in butter;
  • Crab cakes;
  • Savory Pork Ribs from Memphis, Tennessee;
  • Cornmeal with shrimps - an evolved breakfast of fishermen from the coastal states;
  • Barbecue and "burnt tips" (burnt ends) - a little charred over an open fire slices of beef or pork in spicy sauce;
  • Fried breaded Kentucky chickens.

Traditional, Cold Lobster Roll in the USA - American Cuisine - American Butler

Products for cooking in the US

At the very beginning, we noted that fast food is not the only food option in the United States, but it still forms the basis of gastronomy. If we consider that even in home kitchens, about 50-60% of the products are semi-finished products, it is difficult to argue with that. Soups, ready meals, cutlets, vegetables, side dishes, baking mixes - the choice is huge. If desired, you can eat only semi-finished products.

In addition, there are several products, without which American cuisine is unthinkable:

  • Peanut butter;
  • Corn oil (instead of sunflower);
  • American yellow cheese (in fact, is a cheese product for melting);
  • Philadelphia cheese or cream cheese;
  • Fruit and berry jams;
  • Bread for toast;
  • Turkey;
  • Lime;
  • Wild or polished long grain rice;
  • Hot pepper;
  • Sweet potato (purple sweet potato);
  • Tomatoes;
  • Pumpkin (for the southern regions).

America is perfect for gastronomic tours. If you are interested in this topic or you just want to learn more about the states, you have come to the right place. The American Butler company not only educates everyone on the pages of the site, but also helps with the organization of tours, excursions and even moving to the United States.

We know all about the culture of America and will happily share our experience with you.
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
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