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Car rentals in the United States

The USA is a huge country with a developed transport infrastructure. If you plan to visit this part of the planet Earth and see all its sights, then you will need a means of transportation. In this article we will talk about companies where you can rent a car, as well as approximate prices and tips to facilitate this procedure.

How does car rental in America

If you rent a car, you can easily travel around America, occasionally stopping by to see the sights, visit the motels and cafes that are located on every corner.

How to inexpensively rent a car in the USA - photo of the website of the company - American ButlerCars of different brands can be taken for a day or for several months. The hot climate of many states, including Florida, has caused the mandatory installation of air conditioners in cars. If necessary, they can be supplemented with a navigator or car seat.

Selection of a car for rent at an acceptable cost is carried out in two ways:

  1. Through sites aggregators;
  2. Do car dealers.

The most popular aggregators are two sites - and Or use the search on our site. Soon we will introduce filters that will allow the selection of cars by type of aggregators.

The site provides a convenient search with filters and descriptions of machines. The basis for calculating the cost of rental is taken 3 days. Prices are very different, but the lowest - from $120 to $200. Here you can find, for example, Kia Rio for only $130, Toyota Corolla for $151 or Toyota RAV4 for $176.

Another resource covers most car dealers in the US, including those working at the airport. This service is more budget, here you can find an economy class car for only $37 per day.

Car rental in the USA - tips and tricks from American Butler

Airport rental

Rent a car at the airport saves time, but at the same time it is more expensive. Several large global car dealers offer such a service at once:

  • Alamo;
  • Avis;
  • Ace;
  • Budget;
  • Enterprise;
  • Dollar;
  • National;
  • Hertz;
  • Pyaless;
  • Sixt;
  • Thrifty.

The rental offices of these companies are not located in airport buildings, but they can be reached by free shuttles parked nearby. The cost of rent in most cases includes airport tax, insurance and deductible. It should be understood that for non-residents of America, the cost of insurance may be higher. For example, for a daily car rental of $40 plus $30 of insurance. The minimum rental price for 3 days is $145-160.

But at the airport there are also disadvantages. Cars are in great demand among newly arrived tourists, so decent car models are quickly snapped up. In addition, the cost of renting here is higher than in the neighboring branches located outside the airport.

A photo of a car rental and rental contract in the USA - American ButlerCar rental for Russian tourists

For Russian-speaking tourists available car rental companies with Russian-speaking technical support. There are also firms with Russian roots, but because of their little knownness they are difficult to find. You can rent a car in them in the online format. Most of these companies provide the following services:

  • GPS navigator;
  • making the 2nd driver;
  • full insurance package;
  • booking a car at the airport;
  • mileage without limit;
  • thrifty franchise;
  • advice on the subtleties of driving in America and on the route.

Tips on renting a car in the USA

Before renting a car in the US, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with some tips that will greatly simplify the procedure:

  1. Compare the cost of rent in different locations of cities (airport or branch in other areas).
  2. Pay attention to the quantity and quality of cars. Choose well-known companies with the largest assortment.
  3. Do not forget that on weekends the cost of rental is higher than on weekdays.
  4. How to rent a car in America without any problems - a photo of a rental car in the USA - American ButlerYou can save money by renting it online.
  5. Do not forget that cool cars require more expensive gasoline.
  6. When renting a car, check it for damage and scratches.
  7. Do not immediately refuse insurance, as the desire to save can play a bad joke. You are in another country, and a lot can happen on a journey. If you are the first time in the USA or have a little driving experience, then we recommend that you issue a full insurance package. Some companies even offer such a service as help with a car breakdown on the way.
  8. Specify in the car rental rules and fare on toll roads. Most companies for a fee pay SunPass, i.e. device for paying for toll roads.
  9. Take a car with a GPS-navigator or use Google Maps.
  10. The rental requires your driver's license obtained at least 1 year ago, and they must be filled with Latin letters.
  11. In order to avoid problems with Russian rights, we recommend obtaining an International Driving Permit.
  12. Do not abuse alcohol, and do not break the rules.
  13. Check the contract before signing. Pay attention to items such as limiting daily mileage. Otherwise, for every extra mile you will have to pay $1-4.

But the most important advice is to study the rules of the road. In America, they are very different from the SDA. It should be remembered that the lease of transport movement in the United States is only possible from 21 years.

Photo of the feet of a happy customer who rented a car in Florida - American Butler

Why you should contact American Butler

The company American Butler offers its services to all who wish to visit the beautiful country of the United States of America and the sunny state of Florida, in particular. We will arrange a meeting at the airport and transportation of your baggage. You do not have to worry about finding a taxi to leave the airport building, which is stuffy and crowded with people. All that is required of you is to inform us about your arrival (place and time), the number of people, the presence of small passengers and the amount of baggage. If you do not know English well, we will send a car with a Russian-speaking driver.

In the future, we can offer you a rental car at an attractive price, as well as ensure the comfort and safety of your travel. Our range of services includes tourist excursions to the sights of Miami.

Our company will help you to rent a car, please do not hesitate!
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates