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10 traffic rules in the USA

Features of the road rules in the United States exist, as in any other country. Guests of the country can be frankly surprised by some of the rules and regulations set in America. In order not to break the law due to ignorance, we suggest familiarizing yourself with some features in the American road rules.

10 special rules of the traffic laws in the USA — photo of the highway from above in Florida — American Butler10 features of the US road rules

  1. The first thing, that visitors pay attention to is always authorized turn to the right, even if the traffic light signal indicates the opposite. That is, if it does not interfere with transport moving on green light, you can turn without a twinge of conscience to the right side. If the turn is prohibited, a special plate will speak about it.
  2. Also unusual is the location of traffic lights — for drivers they are located behind an intersection. By habit, especially at a small intersection and in the dark, you can get to it and get into a mess.
  3. Driving at unregulated intersections. Features of the location of residential areas in America stipulate the presence of many small intersections between the yards. There are no traffic lights and priority signs, but simply on each side is the sign "STOP". And here the principle of primacy operates. That is, the intersection is first passed by the one who first approached it. So everyone who will cross the intersection, will stop and look around. Will see every driver involved in the situation, and establish a priority for himself. Accordingly, if you drove first, then the rest of the drivers will let you through.
  4. In America there are additional lanes marked with a rhombus. They are designed for special types of transport, which is always marked. Separately allocate a lane for transport, making a left turn, buses, cyclists, cars, in which go from three people (carpool lane). Hereby, the government inclines people to ride with a few people in one car. By the way, motorcyclists and owners of hybrids or electric vehicles can ride it alone.
  5. Mandatory stop with school bus. Until the red lights blink on the school bus, you can't continue driving. Yellow lights indicate that the bus will soon stop and you need to be ready for it. Ignore the stop can be in case if the bus rides and brakes on the oncoming lane, separated by a physical barrier.
  6. Parking the car in place for a disabled person is punishable by a high fine — about $250.
  7. The presence of alcohol in blood is measured not by usual ppm, but in BAC — Blood Alcohol Concentration. It is the ratio of alcohol in blood, taking into account body weight. The BAC level above 0.08 is a violation, followed by punishment: fine, seizure of rights or even imprisonment. By the way, for people under 21 years BAC should be up to 0.01.
  8. An American policeman visually will determine the level of sobriety of driver: ask to walk along the line, touch the nose with your eyes closed and answer a few questions. If the driver wants to contest the conclusion of the cop, then he needs to pass an express analysis at the nearest hospital. No one is blowing in pipe there.
  9. The road rules in America prohibits to have in car an uncorked bottle of alcoholic beverage.
  10. And the last thing, what is principled in the road rules in America, is the unconditional advantage of a pedestrian and a bicyclist. The driver must always give way to them, avoiding a collision.

Advantages of the organization of the road rules in the US — a photo of a girl in the trunk — American ButlerAdvantages of organizing the system of road rules in the USA

The main thing, that underlies the American road rules — is a high level of consciousness of drivers. That is, permission to move to the right, absence of main roads and other nuances show the government's trust to drivers and confidence in their self-organization.

Another proof of this — you will never be stopped by the police without a reason, "to check the documents." If the guardians of order paid attention to your car, then they noticed a violation.

The next advantage is a lot of tablets, which are designed to regulate traffic. It is not necessary to memorize a huge number of signs on the tablets, placed on roadside, all nuances on this segment of the road are painted.

Inscriptions are found even on the road surface, warning, that it is impossible to travel here.

Failure to comply with road rules in the US is punishable by severe fines. Increasing the speed limit, parking in unauthorized places or driving in a state of intoxication — is a receipt with a number of several zeros.

A bribe offer to a police officer is a real insult. Therefore, it is better to comply with the requirements.

Features of traffic rules in the US — positive people in the car — American Butler

Renting a car in the US — American rules

While knowing the nuances of road rules in the US, it's a pleasure to drive around the country. Large-scale and colorful territory, availability of highways, a large number of attractions, that you want to visit, make a car an indispensable assistant on the journey. Therefore, renting a car in America — is the right decision.

American Butler offers to rent a car and fulfill your dream — to get to Disneyland, visit the top of the Statue of Liberty, drop by on the beaches of California and stroll through Times Square. All this can be done during one vacation, if at your disposal there will be a comfortable car.

The American Butler car park has cars for every taste:

  • with a favorite type of body;
  • with different types of engine;
  • with different passenger capacities;
  • any price category.
Employees of the company will help to issue the necessary documents and mandatory insurance. They can always find out about toll roads, rent of a navigator, a children's car seat or an automatic payment card for a toll on a toll road.
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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