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American slang

There is not a single language in the world without strong expressions. And rightly so — then it’s not a language, but some holy crap! We will analyze the most necessary American words and phrases in order to quickly, clearly and expressively convey our thoughts and definitely not lose our emotional charge.

Many people think that Americans use obscene expressions in their own minds and are dry, while there is no English language mat. Of course, in comparison with the Russian there is really a little less colorful, but there are a lot of interesting chips. For your convenience, we have divided the dictionary according to the case.

American Slang — slang dictionary photo — American ButlerWhen everything is very bad

Living, of course, is interesting, but it’s difficult in places. And when it’s so difficult that it’s completely straightforward, psychologists recommend lowering the steam in words, and not turning on the “Hulk! In order for English-speaking people to understand that it’s better not to pester you with all kinds of nonsense, you can use the following expressions.

  • Shit — the analogue of “Damn!”, “Shit!” And other quite predictable exclamations. Not to say that it is very rude, but also not very polite.
  • Crap — "nonsense." Some trifle, which is extremely annoying or vice versa, surprises to delight. Yes, in English, a bad word can be used in a positive way. Moreover, it came from the name of the inventor of the toilet with a flush — Sir John Crapper, a resourceful man from the English metropolis.
  • Sucks is a seemingly harmless “suck”, but this is not entirely true. The word comes from the verb suck, it has a negative connotation, you need to use it carefully and the final s is better to pronounce clearly. It is advisable in a circle of good friends who will definitely not be offended and will understand correctly.
  • Bullshit — bull means "bull", and with the second part you are already familiar. There are a lot of meanings, from “some game” to “some scum”. The rules of use are the same as the words above - in the work team or at a social event it is better not to risk it.
  • Get off my ass — “leave me alone”, “fuck off”. After that, hardly anyone else will doubt that now is the right moment to get you.

Attention! Adding “Holy” in front of each of these words gives +500 points to expressiveness and strength of expression! The relationship with the religion of the Americans is quite warm, so the word holy ("holy, sacred") used in this context makes the speaker a rebel of 80 level.

The simplest example of an action is the expression holy fool. Separately, the noun fool means "fool" or "simpleton", this word is not always perceived as offensive. But in combination with holy we get a rather tough "holy fool" — a crazy person, from whom everyone should stay away, and you can only treat him with pity.

Photo of girls learning slang American words on the phone — American Butler

When someone is a bad person

American slang in the USA — photo of a girl with a painted smile — American ButlerThere are so many insults on this subject that you can’t list all, even with great desire. The main thing is to understand the most popular and clearly distinguish between use cases.

  • Asshole — it’s immediately clear that no one will be called anus. Nevertheless, the meanings of this word are mass: “asshole”, “greedy”, “rogue”, “liar”, and of course, a person of non-traditional orientation. This word can often be heard in the movie when the characters are discussing someone among themselves. But in real life it can bring a lot of problems, especially if you call this a real gay.
  • Jerk — "moron", "nonsense." The closest analogue is the word freak. Not particularly offensive, but characterizes the character intelligibly.
  • Bitch — there’s simply nowhere to be more popular, and there’s no need to say values. But you can note the interestingness, about which many do not know. The word bitch comes from the old verb bitching, which meant "annoying, molesting, buzzing, whining, bringing trouble." This reduction has taken root for women with low social responsibility in those days when sexually transmitted diseases grew into an epidemic.
  • Rip-off artist — a person who masterfully deceives, steals, flatter, hypocrites and does anything else for his own benefit and someone else's failure. The turnover is at the junction of the literary language and slang, so you can speak absolutely freely.
  • Airhead, butthead, meathead, blockhead and other -head — the choice is limited only by your imagination and imaginative thinking. All these words, although quite rude, are often used in everyday speech. Which is not surprising - because everyone around us, except ourselves, always has something wrong with his head.

Most popular slang expressions in English — American Butler

When everything is very good, but I want to screw the slang word

USA slang expression map photo — American ButlerThere are slang expressions that will help to give your speech a special charm.

  • To scratch someone's back — literally "scratching someone's back." This turnover means “to make something pleasant, to encourage”, and it is used more often precisely for coquetry - they say, look how my head scratched my back with a bucks for the report, I'm so cool.
  • Happy as a clam — closest can be translated as “drunk in a zyuzyu”, although literally “happy as a clam”. Why it is a clam is not known, it is just an established expression. But on the signs of drinking establishments the word clam occurs constantly — pay attention at least to the name of the bar in the animated series "Family Guy" (although there is already a fount of slang on the verge of good and evil).
  • Catch him with his pants down — or catch him in the act, convict of a bad deed and prove it in triumph. It is also often used in offices in competitive positions.

American slang was no less powerful and powerful than Russian, but only 1/1000 of this magnificence can be mastered in text format. A real dive awaits you on the streets of the USA, and American Butler will help with organizing a really interesting trip. And this is totally hard data.

And if you have problems understanding some obscure slang expressions, ask us!
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
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