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Seattle Restaurants

Seattle is at the forefront of culinary culture. While some establishments are generous with local seafood, meats and cheeses, others serve up exotic national cuisines. Whether you love something new or prefer to stay within your comfort zone, you will find options to suit your tastes.

The US Pacific Northwest enjoys a mild climate and proximity to the sea, as well as fresh local produce, cheeses and wine. Restaurants in Seattle, ranging from fine dining to affordable, give you the region's bountiful offerings, chief among them excellent seafood.

No dress code or formal etiquette — the establishments are completely focused on food, as it should be. So leave high heels and coats at home, but book tables if possible. And the American Butler agency will help you with this. Use our list of the best places to eat in Seattle as the first step in getting the best city experience:

American Butler has prepared a list for gourmets of places that are most attractive in terms of menu and have a good reputation and reviews.

Top Seattle Restaurants by American Butler

  • Photos of visitors to the restaurant Whale Wins in Seattle — American Butler Whale Wins

Whale Wins is the restaurant of chef Renee Erickson and her partners Jeremy Price and Chad Dale. In this cozy restaurant, the culinary team draws inspiration from the cuisine of Southern Europe and England. All dishes from the menu are prepared simply but elegantly. They are served in a lively light space.

For dinner, you can look forward to ripe seasonal vegetables, fresh meat and fish, and marinated delicacies in a bright and beautiful setting. Seafood lovers should definitely order toasts made from hama-hama clams, halibut and sardines. Enjoy weekend brunch and happy hour from Sunday to Thursday from 05:00 to 06:00 pm.

  • RN74

Locals and visitors alike flock to RN74, a restaurant renowned for its creative interpretation of regional French cuisine presented in the most beautiful way. In the chic lounge area, guests can enjoy delicious treats such as chilled tiger prawns, oysters and fries with duck pate.

Talented chef Sean Aplin has recently joined the team with signature dishes such as aubergine puree and toffee mushrooms. And the wine list, with more than 2,200 items, makes this place the best place for lovers of fine alcohol.

  • How to Cook a Wolf

Chef Ethan Stowell's philosophy is based on just one thought: "If I decide to cook a wolf, where should I start?". He breaks down each dish into its components, turning it into a set of perfectly matched ingredients. Stowell achieves this through a simple, rustic approach to cooking.

Start your meal with eggs in gravy and cauliflower before moving on to scallops, potato dumplings and roast leg of lamb.

  • Monsoon

Professionally prepared Vietnamese cuisine consistently draws a hungry crowd to this family run restaurant. The menu changes seasonally and offers a wide selection of fresh oysters, crispy buns and Carlton Farms fried pork ribs.

Vegetarians enjoy lemongrass tofu, while omnivorous gourmets revel in the rich flavor of halibut with banana leaves. Excellent service and reasonable prices complete the overall experience.

  • Matt's in the Market

Once a tiny restaurant, it was greatly expanded in 2007 and offers incredible views of Puget Sound thanks to huge semi-circular windows. In addition to the appearance, there is another trump card of the institution — the impeccable quality of seafood.

Oyster sandwiches are very popular at lunchtime, while for dinner delicacies such as tortilla cod, grilled halibut and steamed mussels are served. Although the prices here are quite bite, the overall romantic atmosphere is worth it.

  • Rock Creek

In the Fremont area, RockCreek Restaurant & Bar welcomes diners every day. Here, chef Eric Donnelly cooks fish perfectly according to classic recipes. Whole-grain Greek branzino with warm fried eggplant puree and Nea Bay sea fish with caramelized onion jam and pistachios are the chef's specialties.

Other great dishes include Hawaiian tombo tuna tartare, grilled octopus, fresh Campanelle pasta and braised rabbit. Loyal guests return regularly for the friendly atmosphere, savory stews, creative cocktails, amazing brunches, and cozy décor.

  • The Herbfarm

Dinner at The Herbfarm is an event. Even getting into this institution is an achievement, because you need to book a table a few months before coming.

With a focus on regional cuisine, every meal is seasonal, whether it's Copper River salmon in spring or root vegetable snacks in winter. The greens and herbs that complement the main courses come from the restaurant's own garden. When serving dishes, the chef will talk about the specifics of what is on your plate.

  • Canlis

No Seattle travel guide would be complete without a mention of Canlis, as for generations it has been the go-to option for a memorable special occasion dinner. The restaurant allows diners to enjoy a tranquil view of Lake Union.

Such stunning surroundings only enhance the phenomenal taste sensations that you will get from minced chicken, lamb shank with mint and garlic puree, and fresh seafood.

If you can't make up your mind, we recommend a fixed price menu where each of the five courses is paired with a matching glass of wine.

  • The Walrus and The Carpenter

Award-winning chef René Erickson partnered with manager Jeremy Price to realize his longtime vision for an oyster bar. The establishment, whose name translates as The Walrus and the Carpenter, combines French elegance with the casual comfort of a local fisherman's pub.

According to the creators, the idea of the restaurant is to serve food and drinks of the highest quality in a place devoid of pretense and similar to a cozy home. Here you will find piles of plump oysters, a delicious selection of local cheeses and deli meats.

Sample signature dishes at one of the restaurants above on this American Butler tour of Seattle.
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  • 4.Payment history
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
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