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Best San Diego Restaurants

San Diego's culinary scene easily rivals any major metropolitan area. Local food sources are supplied from farm to table, and the chefs show a genuine concern for the environment. Whatever you want to try, you'll find it in San Diego with our top picks.

When you arrive in San Diego, you'll be amazed at the incredible array of fresh local ingredients available all year round. The chefs constantly outdo themselves by creating original dishes using local fruits, vegetables and seafood. The atmosphere of each restaurant is special.

For example, traditional artisanal architecture gives AR Valentien a cozy Southern California feel, while Herringbone's eclectic and uncomplicated flair brings back a sense of rural tranquility.

In the Old City, you'll find Mexican restaurants serving fine regional cuisine, while the coastal beach resorts offer their own culinary style. Food can be enjoyed while watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Since the unprepared tourist's eyes will run wide from the choice, we have prepared for you the top 10 best restaurants in San Diego in our article.

Best Restaurants

  • Photo of Nine-Ten restaurant in San Diego — American Butler Nine Ten

Nine-Ten offers a menu based on fresh ingredients. Enjoy drinks from the wine list at half price on Wednesdays. The restaurant also has a children's menu. The restaurant is located inside the Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, so guests are lucky enough to enjoy Nine-Ten all day long.

  • Truluck's Seafood Steak And Crab

Come here hungry because you'll want to try everything from crab and lobster to perfectly cooked cuts of steak with various sauces such as chimichurri.

The restaurant is a champion of the environmental movement and does not serve seafood out of season, and natural meat comes from family farms. The wine list is updated weekly, and on Wednesdays there is a 50% discount.

  • CUCINA Urbana

CUCINA Urbana, located in Banker's Hill, is an Italian-inspired establishment. This restaurant is a favorite of the locals because it offers reasonably priced food and is geared towards families.

Enjoy pizza stuffed with pumpkin and veal while dining in a traditional setting. The chefs use locally sourced ingredients, with most menu items costing less than $20. The décor combines both modern touches and rustic touches.

  • The Marine Room

The restaurant is known for its location on the beach, so close to the water that waves crash against the sturdy windows on particularly strong tides.

Start your meal with signature lobster with a focus on enoki mushrooms, pancetta and signature cream. The main "cooking course" includes elk, ostrich and venison steaks, as well as barramundi fillets with mushrooms. Impeccable service, attention to detail and an award-winning wine list complete the experience.

  • Whisknladle

With a farm-to-table approach, the menu changes with the seasons and is free from over-complicated recipes. Among the favorite dishes of visitors you will find fried scallops, mussels and homemade sorbets.

Happy hour is held daily from 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm with discounts on tapas, sangria, wine and cocktails. The restaurant also has a separate dining room that can accommodate up to 16 people — it can be used for celebrations.

  • Mister A's

Mr. A's is easily one of the best places to get panoramic views of downtown San Diego. Imagine just one sunset during dinner! That is why the restaurant is consistently named one of the most romantic establishments in the city.

The menu features American cuisine and the dishes change according to the season. Chef Stefan Woizwinkler balances the taste of schnitzel and homemade sausage with healthier California cuisine. Mixologist Sean Barker will prepare a special cocktail for you to complement the menu with new flavors.

  • AR Valentien

AR Valentien is a tribute to San Diego's Southern California heritage. Chef Jeff Jackson proposes dishes with minimal processing and simple combinations to bring out the texture and flavor of the ingredients in the composition. The innovative cuisine changes regularly depending on the season and the availability of products in the markets.

Meals include rib-eye steak, halibut, roasted beets with pistachio oil, and carrot soup with lobster, oranges and coriander. Pair food with elegant wine from the extensive menu while admiring the coastline.

  • Herringbone

Herringbone, the fifth establishment in Brian Malarka's San Diego empire, has become a hot spot for dinner and late-night fun. The conceptual menu is divided into sections: hot and cold dishes, herbs, pizzas and side dishes. During happy hour, expect a discount on alcohol. A spacious courtyard with high ceilings and a positive atmosphere make Herringbone a truly pleasant place.

  • George's At The Cove

George's at the Cove is located on the grounds of the eponymous hotel off Prospect Street in La Jolla. The restaurant combines exceptional cuisine and service with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean from all corners of the restaurant.

The menu reflects the use of fresh local ingredients and unique flavor combinations. We also recommend trying creative desserts. And you also have the opportunity to trust the choice of chef Trey Foshi, who will make a "course" of 12-14 dishes.

  • Addison

Fine seasonal cuisine awaits at Addison, Southern California's only five-star restaurant. Get ready for artistically prepared contemporary French cuisine, paired with a bottle of the extensive wine collection.

The décor is European, with dark wood furnishings. Arched windows overlook the golf course. The Addison is open for dinner only and the menu changes daily.

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