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Seattle`s Best Nightclubs

Since Seattle is a progressive and open city, the club culture here was born quite early. The area of Belltown and Capitol Hill are especially distinguished by the level of its development. These two nightlife hotspots are home to the largest number of clubs and lounges.

As a cultural outpost of the United States, Seattle attracts touring bands, Broadway shows, traveling comedians, and avant-garde theater groups. Under such conditions, the emergence of a culture of nightclubs was only a matter of time. The city has become a popular destination for both aspiring DJs and touring musicians. Of course, you will not find noisy nightclubs on every corner, but there are enough places for a quality evening here.

Below we will tell you about the places where you can have a fun night in Seattle.

In the article you will find out which clubs will amaze you with their appearance, where the best sound system is installed, and where unusual theme nights take place.

Where to dance in Seattle

  • Dancing at the Century Ballroom in Seattle — American Butler Century Ballroom

Housed in the historic Oddfellows building, the vintage Century Ballroom aims to instill a love of classical dance. On the 185 m² dance floor, live music is played, referring to the 1950s.

Whether you love salsa, swing, tango or burlesque, the Century Ballroom has it all. And for those who want to learn classical dance or brush up on their skills, the institution conducts appropriate lessons.

  • Baltic Room

Elegance and style characterize this establishment that attracts young people. Dark furniture, candles and a fireplace add a touch of intimacy, while decorative stars on the ceiling twinkle in the dark. Vocalists, jazz bands and DJs will play a variety of tunes for every taste. If you get hungry, snacks and all kinds of drinks are served here.

The Baltic Room can be a crowded place some days, but the fantastic atmosphere and great entertainment more than make up for it.

  • Re-bar

This atmospheric, dimly lit club plays mostly hip hop and disco. Occasionally the Re-bar hosts theatrical performances with an emphasis on classical works. From time to time, live bands and DJs perform here with specially selected mixes, providing a refreshing atmosphere and guaranteed fun.

  • Contour

The Pioneer Square venue offers a new take on the club scene. Works by local artists provide upscale decor, and the snacks served are head and shoulders above those typically offered in bars.

Hip-hop, funk, industrial and trance play from evening until noon, and hardcore parties are held here on weekends. The organizers listen to the requests of visitors, thanks to which you can even hear live jazz performance. The club has the best sound system in the city center.

  • Showbox at the Market

Although Showbox has gone through many transformations, it is now a must-visit place to catch touring bands. Among the Art Deco interiors, people gather to hear and see their favorite artists. In addition, you will find a bar with Mexican drinks.

  • Little Red Hen

The club focuses on country music. Here you can dance, sing karaoke and listen to live bands every day. With our guide you can get free dance lessons on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm.

  • Alibi Room

Alibi Room is a popular restaurant by day and a lively club by night. Owned by a group of filmmakers, it supports independent filmmakers. If this is not your thing, just come and dance to the rhythms of vinyl records and enjoy unusual cocktails. We also note a high-quality wine list and snacks.

Housed in a historic brick building off Pike Place Market, the Alibi Room looks like a rustic brick building from the outside, but inside it's a frenetic beat.

  • Trinity Night Club

Trinity will appeal to those club lovers who are always looking for something new. Most entertainment can be found in the main room, which has a spacious dance floor and state of the art lighting and sound system. Grab some sushi, sip cocktails in the elegant lounge, and then immerse yourself in the rhythm of the ultra-trendy, futuristically lit room. The club attracts talented people from all over the country and beyond, people who love hip-hop, house and other musical genres.

  • lofi

This funky treasure in the Eastlake area is the place to be for those who just love to dance. The club does not adhere to any single concept. It hosts various rap and indie rock parties, local musicians often play, popular theme nights take place, from nostalgia for the 90s to immersion in the soul style. You will find two dance floors and bars with separate sound systems. Nearby is a small room with vintage arcade machines.

Unleash your energy at one of the best nightclubs in Seattle by booking a tour with American Butler!
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
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