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The best restaurants in Las Vegas

With a vibrant, glamorous and diverse collection of restaurants, Las Vegas offers travelers a buffet of international cuisine.

Whether it's the traditional French dishes of the legendary chef Joel Robuchon or the dishes of the Mix City restaurant, this list is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding culinary appetite of the traveler.

Las Vegas restaurants have grown out of the steakhouses, eateries and buffets that were once a source of energy for vacationers in the city. As Vegas grew, so did the culinary scene. The restaurant currently employs more celebrity chefs than you can count. It also has more sommeliers than any other city in the US and access to the rarest ingredients in the world.

The city's top restaurants not only import rare white beef from Hokkaido, but also ship plump tomatoes from Parumpa, Nevada. Choose the type of cuisine you like, you will find it within walking distance.

Our list of the best restaurants in Las Vegas maintains this wonderful combination and offers a full range of cuisines to suit all tastes in the article below.

Top 10 Restaurants in Las Vegas

  • Mastro's Ocean Club Photo — Las Vegas Restaurants — American Butler Mastro's Ocean Club

The dazzling 80-foot restaurant offers cuisine as delicious as the view. Guests enter the restaurant through an elegant walkway with wooden false ceilings and sinuous walls, while the splendor of the dining room and terrace creates the perfect setting for guests to sample the menu. And the famous three-level Seafood Tower ice tower offers a unique culinary experience.

  • Joel Robuchon

The history of culinary history began when legendary chef Joel Robuchon opened his first fine dining restaurant in the United States.

Guests can sample traditional French cuisine in a setting reminiscent of 1930s Paris and taste the dishes of a culinary icon that has won more Michelin stars than any other chef in the world. Choose from a wide variety of tasting selections or order from the à la carte menu while enjoying an elegant dining room located in the main hall or in the garden.

  • S.W. Steakhouse

Awarded a four-star Forbes Travel Guide, SW Steakhouse is the perfect combination of unforgettable food and dazzling entertainment.

Chef David Waltzog offers steaks unparalleled in Las Vegas. While feasting on American steakhouse cuisine, you'll be amazed by the nightly shows that take place on the Lake of Dreams. Guests can enjoy snacks such as double ribbed chili abalone. Walzogu will also showcase his signature chops with seasonal exotic ingredients such as black truffle creamed corn.

  • Alize at The Palms

Alize offers phenomenal French contemporary cuisine along with a world renowned cognac collection.

The breathtaking view, located on the 56th floor, adds glamor and charm, making Chef Andre Rocha's restaurant the perfect place for a romantic dinner. Sample traditional French cuisine such as lobster stewed in foie gras.

  • Postrio Bar & Grill

Postrio Bar and Grill at the Wolfgang Puck offers contemporary cuisine in an elegant and stylish setting.

The restaurant, led by Chef Mark Sandoval, offers an innovative gourmet menu, including homemade sausages with roasted peppers and mustard, and the popular lobster sandwich.

  • Picasso

Inspired by the cuisine of France and Spain, where Pablo Picasso spent most of his life, Chef Julián Serrano has developed a thoughtful menu for guests.

Surrounded by a collection of original Picasso paintings and charming ceramics, the restaurant offers a truly unique dining experience. The added charm of an outdoor terrace from which diners can watch the iconic Bellagio Fountain Show adds another dimension to this stunning venue. Awarded with an AAA Five Diamond Award and two Michelin stars, Picasso is a vibrant restaurant that guarantees to evoke a range of senses in guests.

  • Nobu

A mix of hot and cold dishes, sushi and tempura, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa brings traditional Japanese style cooking with vibrant South American and Western flavors.

The décor, designed by David Rockwell, combines bamboo and hand-laid stone with natural neutral tones, creating a relaxed and natural setting.

  • Restaurant Guy Savoy

Elegant and sophisticated, Guy Savoy Restaurant serves Michelin-starred cuisine in a Paris-inspired setting. The restaurant offers breathtaking views of Caesars Palace and the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant combines impeccable service and dedication to detail.

From personal table setting to Christofle silverware and Spiegelau glasses, the Guy Savoy restaurant is a celebration of luxury. The Tencourse Menu Prestige is a gem of a restaurant featuring the chef's signature dishes, including silky artichoke and black truffle soup, as well as delicately seasoned crispy sea bass.

  • Bartolotta

Led by Chef Paul Bartolott, the restaurant prepares delectable seafood and shellfish dishes delivered daily from Mediterranean waters.

Paired with homemade pasta and classic Italian delicacies, guests can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in an ambience of glamor and luxury associated with Vegas. Dine indoors or outdoors at private lodges surrounding the shimmering lagoon.

  • Mesa Grill

Mesa Grill Las Vegas was opened in 2004 and offers bold, innovative Southwestern cuisine in a vibrant and exciting location.

The stunning textures and colors of the interior reflect the innovative tastes developed by celebrity chef Bobby Flay. From spiced pork tenderloin with Bourbon Ancho Chili sauce to glazed ribs, Mesa Grill offers a mouth-watering range of award-winning dishes.

Hungry? Then go on a gastronomic adventure to the best restaurants in Las Vegas with the American Butler agency!
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