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Miami Real Estate - a good investment

Apartment in the complex Porto Vita
$1 890 000
Ritz Carlton, Sunny Isles Beach
from $2 500 000
Winston Towers 300, #1216
$2150 / month
The Wave - 2501 S Ocean Dr #1429
$2500 / month
The Caribbean condo - 3737 Collins Ave #S-1504
$ 7,500 / month
La Perla #2907
$5500 / month
La Perla - 16699 Collins Ave PH10
9999$ / month
251 SE 11th St, Pompano Beach
$4500 / month
Ocean Two #2304
$6500 / month
1118 Washington St, Hollywood
$9900 / month
Jade Signiture
From $3 000 000
Beach Club Two #2406
$5000 / month
La Perla - 16699 Collins Ave #4007
$4999 / month
Acqualina Resort and SPA - 17875 Collins Ave #4302
$17000 / month
La Perla #1401
$3500 / month
Acqualina - 17875 Collins Ave #1905
Winston Towers - 250 174th St #2011
$2400/ month
Muse Residences
From $1 800 000
1475 Windjammer Way, Hollywood
$9900 / month
Beach Club - 1830 S Ocean Dr #2601
$8500 / month
Acqualina Mansion #1402
$40000 / month
Trump Palace - 18101 Collins Ave #1703
$4400 / month
Porto Bellagio - 17100 N Bay Rd #1717
$2200 / month
Chateau Square, Hallandale
From $1 500 000
Jade Beach - 17001 Collins Ave #4204
9999$ / month
La Perla - 16699 Collins Ave #1410
$3650 / month
Trump Palace - 18101 Collins Ave #1507
7700$ / month
Estates at Acqualina
From $3 900 000
Porto Bellagio #2721
$3200 / month
Apogee Beach Hollywood
From $8499 / month
Armani Casa Residences
From $1 900 000
Aurora Sunny Isles Beach
from $860 000
Beach Club - 1830 S Ocean Dr #1502
$7990 / month
Uptown marina loft #917
$2550 / month
La Perla - Collins Ave # 4004
$5900 / month
La Perla #3004
$6500 / month
Trump Royal - 18201 Collins Ave #5008
$5200 / month
Pinnacle - 17555 Collins Ave #1202
$5000 / month
Ocean Reserve - 19380 Collins Ave #PH17
$2500 / month
Ritz-Carlton - 10295 Collins Ave #16
$12900 / month
Turnberry Ocean Сlub
From $4 000 000
La Perla - 16699 Collins Ave #3608
$4000 / month
Acqualina - 17875 Collins Ave #1905
$13500 / month
King David - 17555 Atlantic Blvd #601
$595 000
Winston Towers 300 - 174th str #710
$1999 / month
2000 Ocean
from $2 800 000
Beach Club - 1830 S Ocean Dr #2808
$4990 / month

Today, buying property in Miami or another corner of the United States of America is easier than ever. After all, the last world crisis has touched the mortgage sector of the American economy. As a result, the value of real estate has declined very significantly. It should be noted that the cost of a house or apartment in an American city is much more attractive than in a European or even domestic one.

Features and benefits of purchasing real estate in Miami

The American city of Miami is located in the southeastern part of the state of Florida on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The settlement in these places arose in the late 19th century. But when the population reached 30 people, Miami received city status.

The advantage of buying a property in Miami - a photo of the houses in Sunny Isles Beach - American ButlerThis happened in 1896. By the beginning of the new millennium, the population of this resort has grown to 400 thousand people.

Miami is a major trading city, which is visited by tourists from all regions of our planet. Indeed, in Miami, surprisingly warm ocean and mild climate. Throughout the three winter months, the weather is warm and the sun is shining. In the summer heat, monsoons that bring long-awaited coolness make it easier to stay in the sun.

In addition to being one of the best resorts on Earth, the city is the largest entertainment center. There are a huge number of clubs, cafes, restaurants, bars and other establishments. It is in Miami that numerous festivals, concerts and other world-class events are held.

All of the above affects the popularity of real estate in the city. Many people want to know the prices of Miami real estate and believe that buying a house there is quite problematic. However, this is not quite true. The real estate market of the city is developing very rapidly. The reason for this is precisely the growing demand. Because the cost of apartments and houses in Miami varies widely enough. Because everyone can choose the appropriate option.

Properties in Miami is very popular among the famous people of the world, including among our countrymen. If you find out how much the apartments in Miami are owned by stars, then you can be very surprised. But the cost of housing, referring to the standard or economy class, is quite democratic. Moreover, today in the city a lot of erected or re-erected housing. Because the market is constantly filled with new offers.

Photos of private houses in Miami on the Gulf Coast - buying and renting real estate in Miami with American Butler

Cost and prices

If we compare the cost of apartments in Miami with the price of similar housing in the domestic capital, it turns out that buying a home in the US tourism center is much easier. However, in recent years, housing prices in Miami are increasing annually by about 5-11%. Therefore, from a pragmatic point of view, the purchase of housing in this city is a profitable and reasonable investment.

Property pricing is also directly related to the contingent of tenants in the neighboring cottages or area. In the event that citizens of different states are concentrated in one region, then even apartments of a much larger area than in an area where only Americans live will cost a lot less. A similar situation has also developed in areas where the black population of North America lives.

If we talk in numbers, we can give a couple of examples that demonstrate the real value of real estate in Miami at different levels and in different areas. A nice four bedroom apartment in an interesting complex St Tropez, in which besides 4 bedrooms, there are 3 bathrooms, a large kitchen and a living room, has a total area of 177 sq. M. The apartment has central air conditioning. At the same time, a garage for 2 cars is being implemented. The building was erected in 2009. The cost of such an apartment is about 700 thousand dollars.

Complex Turnberry Ocean Colony, in which the apartment is located with an area of 207 square meters. m., located on the first line of the coast. There are 2 bedrooms, a beautiful living room, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen. The cost is about 1.5 million dollars.

Real estate in Miami - a worthy investment in the future!

Of course, most buyers, choosing real estate in America, prefer the most popular regions. Skyscrapers in Sunny Isles Beach or, for example, the Bal Harbor area, apartments on Fisher Island and many more attractive areas of Miami as a whole come to taste of many buyers. After all, there is a unique climate, warm ocean, as well as many fashionable mansions.

Conclusion of a contract for the purchase of real estate - prices and cost of housing in Miami - American ButlerTherefore, those people who are important to prove their status in society, prefer real estate in this particular region. Miami Real Estate, offers great prices!

Although domestic successful businessmen, when a necessity or desire to acquire housing in America arises, prefer the business districts of New York. As for the stars of the domestic show business, for the most part they have acquired or are in the process of choosing or purchasing real estate in America.

Pricing policy on real estate in Miami depends on multiple factors, the key of which is the region where an apartment or cottage is located. For example, purchasing property in Chicago, California or New York is much more expensive than purchasing a mansion in the most prestigious areas of South Florida.

The idea of buying real estate in Miami with our compatriots occurs every year more and more often. The difficulty lies in the fact that domestic buyers do not know the American legal framework in force in each state. In addition, it is important to know the characteristics of life in each of the regions.

If you are interested in renting or buying real estate in Miami, also contact our company! We will always be happy to help!

If you are planning to purchase a real estate in Miami then the best professionals from American Butler agency will help you. It will give you a possibility to save your time and money.
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
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  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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