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What is the difference and what is better than Pepsi or Coca-Cola

If Shakespeare lived until the 19th century, instead of an irreconcilable war between the Montagues and the Capulets, there would be a war between Coca-Cola and Pepsi marketers. This is where it is long, hard and bloody, despite the fact that the demand for both drinks has not fallen for decades.

But we will try to figure out how both sides build tactics and how they still differ.

What is better Coca-Cola or Pepsi — photos of drinks in cans — American Butler Who Was First: A Brief History of Brands

In fact, Coca-Cola. Only the drink was originally invented as a medicine. Pharmacist John Pemberton used the leaves of the coca plant to create a drug that helps to get rid of the symptoms of nervous disorders, coughs and, for some reason, impotence. The effect is quite understandable — cocaine was obtained from the same plant, but in a different concentration and with a different processing. In the 1880s, this was no surprise — cocaine could be used absolutely freely as a pleasure additive in drinks. Subsequently, due to scandals in the press, the producers of the drink changed the recipe and claim that there are no more traces of cocaine. However, there is nothing useful there either.

Pepsi-Cola appeared 12 years later, but also as a pharmaceutical product. It contains pepsin, an enzyme that improves digestion. And although the benefits of a terribly sweet drink are questionable, people appreciated it highly. Larger doses have replaced small medicinal doses.

With the outbreak of the First World War, sugar prices soared, which seriously hit the production of both drinks. And then Pepsi suffered its first serious collapse — PepsiCo went bankrupt, and Coca-Cola began to be produced in glass bottles and raised its rating several times. But this was not the end, but only the beginning of a real brand war.

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi: marketing wars and brand strategies — photos of drinks in glasses at people in a restaurant — American Butler

Key battles of Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

In order to at least disorient the enemy, Pepsi used the most insidious explosive projectile — dumping.

The History of the Coca-Cola and Pepsi Brands — Early 20th Century Columbus Columbus Factory Photos — American Butler Coca-Cola did not even perceive Pepsi as a serious competitor. And absolutely in vain. When there was nothing left to lose, Pepsi went for broke and began selling 12 ounces of the drink for 5 cents — the same price as a bottle of Coca-Cola with a capacity of 6 ounces. This move raised PepsiCo from the ashes, but greatly pissed off the Coca-Colavians.

As soon as the opportunity presented itself, they sued the competitor to stop them from using the "cola" particle in the Pepsi-Cola name. But it passed — the word was recognized as a general designation and revenge failed.

But so that Pepsi marketers don’t think life is like honey, they came up with a universally positive character who will light up family feasts for decades with the song “Holiday is coming to us.”

To recapture the glory of Coca-Cola as the most recognizable and mass brand among drinks, Pepsi repainted in the colors of the American flag. And then she even issued a slogan that went down in history and all textbooks on advertising and marketing — they called the youth the “Pepsi generation”.

When Coca-Cola was going to sponsor the traditional Olympic Games, PepsiCo organized a promotional tour with world stars. As soon as one of the two companies makes a successful advertising move, the second immediately steps on her heels. And it's still interesting to watch these battles.

Coca-Cola brand — photo of drinks for sale in a store in the USA — American Butler

And what about the composition: how is Cola different from Pepsi?

Despite the fact that both drinks taste about the same, their composition is quite different.

Coca-Cola is caffeine diluted in water with sugar syrup and phosphoric acid. Pepsi also contains a huge amount of essential oils, plant extracts and even ethyl alcohol. Pepsin is long gone.

how Cola differs from Pepsi — photo of Pepsi drink bottles — American Butler

Dry numbers

So far, Coca-Cola is noticeably outperforming its competitor both in terms of brand value and profit. For 2017, the figures looked something like this:

  Coca Cola PepsiCo
% control in the US market 42.7% 30.8%
% of income from world markets 74% 37%
Brand value $71.2 $14.4

And despite the lag, Pepsi is holding its own and steadily provides the ground for new media scandals. And this is a guarantee that the corporation is going to stay afloat for a long time.

In fact, some of the most interesting and delicious excursions in the states are found at the sites of old beverage production. Visitors to the factories can try drinks prepared according to the historical recipes of brands and track the evolution.

It is easy to visit there — you just need to contact American Butler and get ready to taste the history. At the same time, decide what is still cooler — Cola or Pepsi.

Want to know more? We are always open for your questions!
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
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