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The best Miami schools

Schools in Miami and America as a whole can be the most powerful socially significant factor affecting all aspects of life. Including even the cost of housing.

American Butler will help you make your choice, as there are a lot of schools in Miami, both good and not so good. And he will talk about the most worthy and best educational institutions.

Schools in Miami and the USA

If you come to Miami for a long term, or for a permanent residence, you need to identify children in school. Public schools in America are free and use special government programs. In some schools, children can even get a free lunch if their parents fill out a bunch of documents.

For people who value comfort, there are private schools in Miami. Students in private schools make up about 15% of all students. The cost of studying in private schools is quite high and on average it is about 15,000 – 25,000 dollars a year.

Some features of the American educational system

Schools in Miami, as elsewhere in the United States, are divided into private, charter and public. In the United States, children are usually sent to school from the age of 5. Their school life begins at grade zero.

Schools in Miami - American ButlerNot every state has such a class, but parents, for the most part, believe that class zero should be attended. At the youngest municipal school, from 4 years old, everything is very wonderful and a whole sea of developing entertainment. Volunteers and high school students often come to elementary schools to play a performance or arrange theme parties. Young children are engaged in physical education, yoga, various languages, singing, the teaching of all creative disciplines to young children is excellently developed.

  • A high school in the United States has been open since 11 years. At this age, a teenager leaves elementary school and goes to the middle level. Schools in Miami are no different.
  • The middle level of education ends with the 8th grade. Then comes the turn to go to high school. By age it is from 14 to 18 years. Most often, schools of different levels are located in different buildings.

Secondary school , as well as primary and senior, conducts instruction exclusively in English. And in kindergarten, a child can also speak his native language. There are frequent cases when in various groups of kindergartens in Miami, where teachers are fluent in Russian, French, German and other languages. During the summer holidays, almost all schools function as a summer camp. Children here have a rest, play, engage in sports sections, circles, and make various excursions. Camps in Miami are a great opportunity for children to tighten their English, meet new friends and understand this vacation for a very long time.

A high school in the United States teaches children math, natural sciences, geography, country history, and English. Much attention is paid to the physical education of the child.

Not all children attend school. Some are in home schooling for various reasons. For example, religious. Or in order to finish school faster.

Studying in America, whether it’s secondary or language schools, helps to get higher education in the USA as a result.

Best schools in Miami - American Butler

The benefits of private education

General education in the USA can be obtained for a fee in a private school and for free in a public school.

  • Private schools in Miami are preferable for foreign children. And the level of teaching in such schools is usually much higher. Teachers receive various subsidies, participate in educational programs, undergo additional training, and so on. Therefore, the most ambitious teachers work in them.
  • Private schools in Miami are highly respected and even affect the value of homes in the district. Miami's best schools can turn a tiny house nearby schools into the equivalent of a palace in another district of Miami.

Private Schools in Miami - student lesson pics - American Butler

Russian schools in Miami

Miami Russian schools are distinguished by teaching some of the subjects in Russian. These are private schools, but they are necessary for children who are not able to speak English fluently. If English is complete, you can choose any Miami school . The same applies to young children. Full immersion in the environment, small children tolerate easier. A child up to 5 years old can safely be sent to a good private or municipal school, and he fully adapts there.

After adapting Miami's best schools, both paid and free, are waiting for you. Excursions to schools are provided for parents. A lot of attention is paid to security, you just won’t be able to enter the school. Need an invitation.

Graduate School in the USA - photo of graduates in gowns - American ButlerPlace of residence and school choice

In order to enter the school to which your district is assigned, you just need to provide proof of your residence in this place. This is a certificate from the owner of the real estate or documents on the purchase of residential property. A child needs medical certificates and vaccinations. Each school has its own characteristics, if you want to send your child to a municipal school, you need to call the nearest one and clarify the details. The state is obliged to provide free education to all residents on its territory. Including illegal residents.

The cost of real estate around good schools is increasing significantly. Children who live in an area near the school are eligible for free tuition and enrollment. Americans are very responsible in this matter. School is a springboard to the future life. Good grades in an excellent school will provide an opportunity to enter a high-level college and further successful life. If your area does not have a good school, change the area or take your children to private schools in Miami. The second is cheaper.

Schools in the USA are really very different. There are schools just a delight, delights admiration, there are schools "oh my God what a horror." And yes, “what a horror” schools are usually free, and “what a charm” schools are private and expensive.

Schools in Miami are waiting for you. Contact our company and we will prepare you all the necessary package of documents and conduct negotiations with the school administration. We will help your child enroll in one of the best schools in Miami.

You can leave a request for search, selection and assistance in entering one of Miami schools, both public and private.

We organize study tours for each of the selected schools, help with filling out questionnaires.

Don't waste time in vain!
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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