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Shipwreck Museum

The unique Shipwreck Museum in Key West reveals the secrets of the sea to its visitors. If you have been fascinated by your childhood tales of sea adventures and pirates, then the Key West Shipwreck Museum will be one of the most interesting excursions of your trip to the southern United States.

Shipwreck Museum Key West - photo of the museum outside

Treasures of pirates in the south of Florida

The shipwreck museum is not just a collection of exhibits from the depths of the sea, it is a true story. The fact is that the town of Key West for a long time was earning huge sums of money and was providing itself with a great deal thanks to ... shipwrecks. The shores of the city are surrounded by a wide barrier reef, which caused a huge number of disasters in this place.

But residents reacted to the crashes not with regret and sadness, but with immense joy. Finding another accident, they gathered in groups and went in search of treasures, valuables and valuables that were transported on one or another wreck.

At the museum’s observation tower, the sentinel was always watchful, and at the sight of a sinking ship he shouted: “Wreck Ashore,” which meant a wreck on the shore. Immediately began the race between the residents behind the treasure. And the one who first sailed to the sinking ship, became the owner of those treasures, or rather most of them, which eventually got from the bottom.

Up until the 20s of the 20th century, residents of Key West enriched their city and their homes with finds from sunken ships. When sailing ships became a thing of the past, the city became private again and only 100 years later, Key West became the center of attraction - now a tourist one.

Key West Shipwreck Museum - Photos by Ace Tift, Museum Actor

Exhibits of the Shipwreck Museum

So, the exhibits of the Shipwreck Museum are those things that the inhabitants of the town “saved” from eternal staying at the bottom of the sea. Finding a museum is easy - it’s next to Mallory Square. For the convenience of visitors, the museum has parking for all types of ground transportation.

Museum expositions will tell their visitors interesting facts about shipbuilding, about how navigators lived. The museum also tells about the inhabitants of the city of Key West, who photographed their most interesting finds. You will also see these photos with the original view of the finds, which have been keeping the museum within their walls for a long time. Exhibits worth up to 50 thousand dollars have found their refuge here, among them silver and gold bars.

Nevertheless, the main part of the exposition consists of finds from the largest shipwreck off the coast of the city, which occurred in 1856. The twenty-year voyage of the huge ship Isaac Allerton ended in disaster on the night of August 28th. Passengers survived, waiting out the night in the longboats. They were saved. But all the things that were on the ship, were lost at a depth of 10 meters. Brave townspeople of the city of Key West a little later pulled ashore all the valuable cargo and sold them for an amount exceeding 50 thousand dollars. More than 100 years later, the place of flooding of "Isaac Allerton" interested divers and it again became popular.

Shipwreck Museum - photos of exhibits and treasures of the museum

Journey to the world of the deep sea

A tour of the museum takes place in the style of "action": considering the old photographs, visitors are already imbued with the atmosphere of that time. The smell of mystery, danger and adventure is in the air. And suddenly the guides, who set out historical facts a couple of minutes ago, turn into heroes of that era and become part of the action, dragging the museum guests along. Music, special lighting effects and film chronicles help them in this.

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Address 1 Whitehead St, Key West, FL 33040
Phone number +1-305-292-8990
Hours of operation
  • Mon Sun: 9:30 am - 05:00 pm.
  •      Adults: 12-64 - $15,00;
  •      Children: 4-12 - $9,00.
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  • 3.Secure payments
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