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Dezer Collection Miami

Dezer Collection Miami is an attractive place for every connoisseur of vintage cars. Here all the cars are emasculated, well-groomed and arranged so that it is a pleasure to take pictures with them and study the design!

A wonderful car museum in Miami will appeal to not only men, but also women.

Photo of Dezer Collection Мiami - American Butler

What to see in the Dezer Collection

A large number of exhibits, whose history deserves attention, are located on the territory of the Miami Auto Museum. The cost of each transport unit reaches several million dollars! And they all got into the museum Dezer's collection cars in Miami for a reason.

The most famous

The museum in Miami covers an area equal to 4 tennis courts. All copies that seemed interesting to billionaire M. Deser could fit in its square. In total there are 1200 cars, as well as original products that have been used in everyday life since the beginning of the last century in the United States. Each branch of the Dezer Collection Miami is carefully thought out and offers to look at a certain group of vehicles.

Photo of a museum of cars in Miami - American Butler

Here, what "iron horses" were placed in a museum of cars:

  • limited editions or single copies;
  • cars that previously belonged to famous personalities;
  • tools used on the sites when shooting various famous paintings;
  • units that participated in various competitions and shows;
  • old, expensive and first cars.
Here you can see expensive brands:
  • Ferrari;
  • Aston Martin;
  • Mercedes-Bens;
  • as well as Bugatti.

Photo of auto museum in Miami - American Butler

Features of the Miami car collection museum

If you were lucky to become the owner of a solid monetary condition, then you have an amazing chance to buy ANY of the options presented in the Dezer Collection Miami. However, there are not too many people interested so far, and in the entire history of the museum it is difficult to name at least a dozen people who decided to buy one of the exhibits with the highest value.

History of Deser cars collection

The multimillionaire began his passion for vehicles at the age of 16, when he first received a birthday present from his father — a modern scooter, by the standards of that period. This became the guy's passion, and since then he has been replenishing his Dezer Collection Miami collection for many decades. At first, the Dezera Collection Car Museum in Miami - the Miami Auto Museum, which did not yet have a name, was small and housed in a garage. At that time, Michael was visited by an attractive idea - to engage in the sale of rare and unusual models.

Photo of the Museum of collectable cars Deser in Miami - American Butler

Read more about the Miami car museum collection

You can write a real book about each car represented in the Dezer Collection Miami! Here are just some of them:

  • nine exhibits belonging to the end of the 20th century will tell about the history;
  • in one of the pavilions are rare European cars that are recognized as classics;
  • Collections from Hollywood films that have become classics of American industry are placed in other pavilions.

In the European pavilions there are representatives of the most famous factories that once existed and continue to work today. Here you can find brands that set the overall style and fashion for the production of machines. Audi, Citroen, old Muscovites and even Zaporozhtsy!

Photo Miami Auto Museum - American Butler

Among the "celebrities" Dezer Collection Miami can be noted and airplanes, and the T-55 tank. The car from “Back to the Future” is also located in this automotive fund of America. Other well-known representatives:

  • from "Ghostbusters";
  • from the TV series "Mr. Bean";
  • taxi from “Recall All” with A. Schwarzenegger;
  • from the James Bond movie series.

Also in the museum you can find unusual models, for example, there is a facility that looks more like a nightmare predator than a regular means of transportation.

First in the Dezer Collection

The American section is filled with the first "editions" of the industry. Through all these models, you can trace the change in trends, fashion in the field of engineering. Each hall of the auto museum in Miami is a new milestone of history, filled with amazing facts and events. Also there are many military and electric copies, as well as motorcycles. The history of each exhibit in the smallest details will tell label plate. There is the possibility of hiring a guide.

Photos Miami Auto Museum Dezer Collection - American Butler

Your special experience when visiting Dezer Collection Miami

In the Miami Dezer Collection, more than 55 domestic positions are represented. It is very interesting to look at the tank in which Brosnan on the set about Bond traveled through St. Petersburg. Incredible energy gives from all his cars, which are equipped with weapons. The entire collection presented in the museum of cars in Miami - the embodiment of the "pink" dreams of every fan. Here and the children there is something to do. So many interesting photos can be made next to the legendary exhibits! If you yourself are engaged in tuning, then there will be a lot of ideas and inspiration for work.

Miami Auto Museum is a museum whose value is very great for the whole world. The safety of all collections is ensured by the fact that individually you cannot buy representatives of one or another collection of the Dezer Collection in Miami. The cycle of machines from Bond, for example, can only be bought together. And it will cost $20 million.

Currently, the museum is planning to move to the city of Orlando. Follow the news to find out about the opening date.

Additional information

Old address:

North Building, 2000 NE 146th St, North Miami, FL 33181

New address:

5150 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

Phone number +1-305-354-7680
Hours of operation

Museum is open:

  • Daily: 10:00am - 06:00pm.


  •      Adults: 18-64: $25;
  •      Seniors: 65+: $15.
  •      Children: 6-12:  $10;
  •     under 5 - free.
  •     For permanent residents of Florida;
  •      Military;
  •      Students;
  •      AAA members.  
Web-site visit web-site


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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates