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Districts and suburbs of Miami

Miami is a true fairytale city, a dream city. Friendly and good-natured residents of this city are distinguished by great attention to a healthy lifestyle and sport. There are many interesting entertainments, stunning views of the sea, beautiful suburban areas of the resort.

American Butler has collected almost all of Miami's most important suburbs and metropolitan areas.

The best areas of Miami: top 10 ideal spots

This amazing city never sleeps - nightlife is completely electrified, residents, day and night, go to chic shopping centers, shops and boutiques. Numerous restaurants serve dishes from all over the world. Holidays in Miami are always pleasant and serene.

The cities of Greater Miami are popular among home buyers from around the world: among our compatriots, the Russian area - Sunny Isles Beach, which is called Little Moscow, is especially popular. The resort attracts millions of tourists every year. In addition, this city is consistently one of the first lines in the ranking of the most attractive places for buying property abroad. Everyone wants to live in a city of eternal summer, perfect ecology and high-tech infrastructure.

The choice of real estate in the resort is extremely diverse: here you can buy both inexpensive apartments and a luxury villa.

Photo of residential skyscrapers in the Russian district of Miami, Sunny Isles Beach — American ButlerThe best areas of Miami attract citizens from all over the world who want to get their own housing in this paradise. We have compiled a list of the ten most attractive areas for living in this amazing American city.

1. Sunny Isles Beach

A luxurious house on a sunlit island — who at least once in your life had dreamed of such a thing? The wonderful suburb of Sunny Isles Beach makes this dream a reality.

Chains of magnificent houses are located along the blue ocean, the waves of which sparkle under the sun. The authorities of Sunny Isles Beach provided residents of the area with complete safety. There are schools with the highest rating of the US Department of Education on Sunny Island, and there are an incredible number of cafes, showrooms, restaurants and shopping establishments.

Living at Sunny Isles Beach is comfortable, safe and interesting. Locals spend their free time on private beaches, in fitness rooms, in beauty salons. Kids frolic in fully equipped playgrounds. All amenities offered by Western civilization are located nearby. Holidays in Miami begins from this place.

The suburbs of Miami have one characteristic feature: you practically do not need to get out of their borders — everything you need is already there. The island paradise of Sunny Isles Beach is just that: many residents spend their whole lives traveling from home to the beach, then shopping.

2. Bay Harbor Island

A beautiful island in the Miami Dade area with a huge selection of villas, houses, apartments and condominiums. Customers will be pleased with the presence of the highest category school K-8, shops, restaurants, office centers.

The city has a magnificent beach, along the streets of Bay Harbor Island go girls in bikinis and boys with surfboards. The tourist visiting this place, it seems that he was in a Hollywood movie.

Bay Harbor Island is the perfect place to live, work and run your own business.

The best suburbs and areas of Miami — photo Fisher Island — American Butler

3. Fisher Island

Cities of Miami are often located on islands, such as the famous Fisher Island, located south of Miami Beach. This island is considered one of the best in Florida. The infrastructure of the island is amazing.

Fisher Island is home to Hollywood stars, celebrities from around the world. For example, in this place the Russian composer Igor Krutoy bought his apartment. Julia Roberts, Stephen Soderbergh, Tom Cruise also made their "family nests" here.

Miami Suburbs — Key Biscayne view — American ButlerThe island is private and you can get on it only by receiving a resident card. The card is received by property owners in Fisher Island, their relatives and guests. The island can only be reached by ferry or your own swimming means.

4. Coconut Grove

The most popular area among tourists and real estate buyers. Sometimes this place is called "The Grove". According to many realtors, Coconut Grove is one of the most popular districts in Miami: many tourists are happy to buy housing here.

The town is characterized by clean ecology, a large number of forests. The Coconut Grove hosts the famous festival of artists, sculptors and jewelers.

5. Key Biscayne

This part is sometimes called the "paradise island." The island of Key Biscayne has an incredibly clean beach: 2 miles of velvet sand for tourists and residents.

Paradise Island real estate owners enjoy sunbathing, year-round cycling and canoeing, excursions and picnics. Unfortunately, the cost of housing on Key Biscayne is overwhelming: apartments here are more expensive than anywhere else in the United States.

6. Aventura

When it comes to areas of Miami, Aventura is usually called one of the safest metropolitan areas of Miami. The authorities are doing their best, providing residents a comfortable and fun life. The city is located on the northwest coast.

In Aventura, residents will find perfect shopping, a huge variety of entertainment.

Miami Neighborhoods — Downtown Miami photo — American Butler

7. Bal Harbor

A true Mecca for golf lovers: the area is surrounded by fields for this sport. In addition, Bal Harbor Shops, the most luxurious US shopping center, is located in Ball Harbor.

There are many great apartments and ocean view apartments for sale in the area. Acquisition of real estate in one of the exclusive residential complexes Bal Harbor is considered one of the most profitable ways to increase capital.

8. Coral Gables

Cities and areas of Miami — photo of the suburb of Coral Gables — American ButlerMiami's neighborhoods successfully combine green spaces with residential neighborhoods. In Coral Gables, this is especially noticeable. Designers were able to harmoniously blend Mediterranean-style homes into the vibrant American nature. Coral Gables is considered to be the most beautiful town in Miami.

Also located in it is the famous historical monument Villa Vizcaya.

9. Brickell

The central zone of the city of Miami, the famous business center, the second largest in the United States. The offices of major international corporations are located in this section. The city has many skyscrapers that sell condominiums and apartments.

The complex of residential skyscrapers Brickell has become the hallmark of Miami and its most important architectural symbol.

10. Miami Beach

The most famous and popular area in Miami — huge number of tourists from around the world have purchased real estate in Miami Beach. The area is not only a famous resort, but also a walking center of the state of Florida.

Miami Beach will delight you with excellent infrastructure, clean beaches and a rich population.

We will tell you a lot of interesting things about the resort, and if you are interested in real estate in the best areas of Miami.

Contact American Butler at the phone +1-305-588-7298.
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
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