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Driving in Miami

Planning to visit Miami or go live there? Then get acquainted with the local traditions of the city, its features, cuisine and, of course, the traffic rules, as the rules for driving a car in Miami are somewhat different from ours.

Driving a car in Miami — photo of a jeep driving on a highway — American ButlerHow to drive a car in Miami: a few golden rules

So, if you plan to stay for a while (or forever) in an American city, then, first of all, familiarize yourself with the rules of the road in Miami. What is the attitude to alcohol behind the wheel, where to park, what is the speed limit, what to do when pursuing the police and many other aspects of traffic rules you need to know. Only in this way can you rent a vehicle without a driver and operate it yourself — otherwise you will not be able to avoid problems on the roads.

The roads in the American resort town are adapted to normal driving. Here everything is convenient and thought out: parking, marking, interchanges, a minimum of signs-bans and quite tolerable traffic jams. Knowing the driver will be easy to adapt to the rules of the road in Miami. However, ignorance is no excuse. Therefore, read the following information about what points you should pay attention to when driving on the roads of this city.


Your driver's license is valid in the States, but you should pay special attention to driving because you are in another country. If you are in the country for more than 30 days, then the driver's license is better to change to temporary US. To do this, you must pass a driving test and be tested for knowledge of the rules.

American Butler will help you deal with all the nuances that you may encounter here. Professional staff will find accommodation for you, help you rent a transport, explain how to behave in educational and medical institutions — they will start in American life and help you with all sorts of everyday tasks!

Our company provides concierge services in Miami, starting with the purchase of tickets and the provision of an interpreter, ending with assistance in finding rental housing and organizing leisure activities.

How to drive a car in Miami: basic rules — photo cars in West Palm Beach — American ButlerKnowledge of the language and traffic rules Miami: general provisions

The first thing you should pay attention to is the attitude to the rules of the road in Florida. They should be respected! Signs here are not just - they need to follow. Even if only you are on the road. Do not disturb the local order — and then you will avoid getting to know the police and fines, which are not so small here.

The local language is English, but knowing it perfectly is not necessary to freely drive a car in Miami. It will be enough to learn the most popular phrases for communication, frequently used words and the main abbreviation of traffic rules, which is found on road signs, namely:

  • N/S/W/E - north/south/west/east (respectively). Combinations of the sides of the world can be used. That is NW — northwest, SE — southeast;
  • YIELD — give way. Such an inscription can often be seen on road markings and signs;
  • EXIT — the sign says that there is a strip leading off the motorway;
  • ENTER — entry is allowed, if there is a prefix for the phrase DO NOT — accordingly — it is forbidden;
  • DETOUR — detour sign;
  • END/STOP — end of the road;
  • SPEED — speed;
  • PARKING/DO NOT PARKING — parking / no parking (not allowed).

Direction signs:

  • TURN or U-TURN means turning or turning;
  • LEFT / RIGHT — movement left and right;
  • AHEAD — forward;
  • ONE WAY — one-way traffic.


Do not break the speed limit! The decline in the speedometer "not a ride," as in our homeland. Ignoring will surely be punished with a substantial amount of one hundred or more conventional units.

Miami Traffic Code — photo of a girl in a car that does not violate the rules of the road in Miami — American ButlerSo, how to drive a car in Miami? Draw conclusions: accuracy and adherence to local legislation will help to avoid financial expenses. Follow the signs, road markings and all signs as you drive along the roads of Miami.

  1. Do not ignore the "STOP" signs at intersections — be sure to stop!
  2. Do not turn on the flashing red without making sure that there are no special instructions.
  3. Strictly follow the markup. Violation of its boundaries and values ​​on highways and highways (double crossing...) is very severely penalized in America. The city is allowed to even cross a double continuous, in the absence of transport along the way.
  4. Do not go to the intersection — for it relies a fine in the amount of half a thousand dollars. Compliance with traffic rules Miami - is the guarantor of your safety and avoidance of fines
  5. Stop at crossings and pedestrians and school vehicles (yellow buses) if it stops.
  6. Be sure to clip on yourself and tell each of your passengers to do this — this condition is governed by state law. The requirement is fulfilled even when driving by taxi.
  7. Speak only hands-free or hands free. Write SMS and keep a communication device in the hands is prohibited.
  8. When transporting children, even newborns, use special seats / cradles. When buying or renting such chairs, be sure to be guided by the age and size of the child, since the type of seats differs from a number of factors.

In addition to all the above and the basic rules of the road in Miami, you still need to know about the nuances of drunk driving and some other points on the road. Consider them.

Marking signs on the roads of Miami, USA — photo of an emergency in the USA — American ButlerWhat stops the police in Florida

Do not joke with local cops, do not offer bribes and do not assert your rights until you submit all the necessary documents! Before the arrival of the policeman, put the car in the "parking" mode and keep your hands on the wheel. In case of minor violations, as a rule, you will simply be warned and asked to be more attentive.

  • Alcohol

A beer mug in America is not an obstacle to driving a car, however, in the event of an accident involving such a driver, insurance will not act.


When driving in Miami, it is forbidden to drink and transport strong alcoholic drinks in the cabin. Therefore, if you are planning an event, pack the liquor properly and hide it in the trunk, otherwise you may not only be fined, but you risk being behind bars.

  • Speed ​​mode

According to the rules of the road in Miami, speeding is permissible for short distances, with no restrictions. For example, if you exceed the speed for a distance of several miles, then you will be nothing for it. There are not so many cameras recording speed as in the capital of Russia, so be attentive to the signs and enjoy driving on excellent roads.

Police in the state of Florida: speed limit, traffic accidents, alcohol and driving — American Butler

  • Parking

Parking in places of shopping for free (if there are no signs), in places where you can not park (for example, for people with disabilities), it is better to follow the rule. In case of violation, you will be fined, and the car can be evacuated. On paid parkings, consider the time of parking and fare (cost depends on the area).


In many places, Miami has a jack-parking, when the valet will drive your car on demand, you only need to give your keys.


Follow the rules of the road in Miami, and you can avoid accidents on the road! In America, everything is not the same as in Russia. Here, even minor incidents will not be ignored by the relevant authorities.

  • Do not forget to have with you all the necessary documents: a driver's license, a policy, documents for a car (or rental agreement), a passport and a visa — it’s better to take the road;
  • Do not leave the scene of an accident;
  • Keep calm, do not fuss. The local police are loyal to tourists, they will listen patiently and help you understand the whole situation, even with your bad English;
  • If the car is rented, then ask the officer for a copy of the protocol and do not forget to report the accident to the renter of the car.

So now you know how to drive a car in Miami. Good impressions and an easy way!

Contact our company if you need help with travel services and car rental!
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
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