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Best hotels in Miami Beach

You are planning to relax in Miami Beach, browse hotel descriptions, and photos paint you the perfect image. But what to choose from?

You are planning to relax in Miami Beach, browse hotel descriptions, and photos paint you the perfect image. But what to choose from? How can you find the best Miami Beach hotels from a variety of chic and attractive hotels?

Photo of Fontainebleau one of the best hotels in Miami Beach - American ButlerHistory

In 1870, father and son Henry and Charles Lum bought the land of Miami Beach at 75 cents per acre. By 1912, workers cleared the land, planted crops, built canals, baths, and food stalls. But the first hotel appeared only in 1915. He laid the foundation for the future of tourist paradise.

Numerous hotels have appeared for wealthy tourists, including the Flamingo Hotel, the Fleetwood Hotel, the Floridian, The Nautilus and the Roney Plaza Hotel.

The great hurricane of 1926 put an end to this flourishing era of the Florida boom, but in the 1930s, Miami Beach continued to attract tourists, and investors built mostly small hotels and holiday homes for holiday rentals.

Now the resort is known as “the island of billionaires” - many stars rested here, from the Madonna to Julio Iglesias. But this does not mean that ordinary tourists are not welcome here - they have built shopping centers, restaurants and preserved historical sights for them.

Types of hotels

If you have not decided exactly where you are going to move in, finding a place to stay in Miami Beach can be difficult. We have divided the places to stay in 5 species.


A budget option. They offer private or shared rooms at a ridiculously low price starting at $12 per night. Many of them offer free meals, all have a bar that serves cheap drinks and free Wi-Fi.

Boutique hotel

These are small establishments built on the basis of renovated apartment buildings from the time when Miami Beach was built. They are preserved buildings with a height of 2-3 floors.

The hotels are located along Ocean Drive, Collins Ave and Washington Ave between 1st and 17th streets. Their quality is different, so first check the reviews. These hotels are often much cheaper than their network counterparts.

Ocean Hotels

Most of them are located along the Collins Ave. These are large high-rise hotels, with swimming pools, direct access to the beach, and, as a rule, part of the beach for hotel guests.

There are amenities such as gyms, free Wi-Fi, laundry services, many of them have bars, nightclubs and restaurants overlooking the ocean. These hotels are more expensive and more exclusive than standard places to stay.

Miami Airport Hotels

Miami International Airport is located approximately 10 miles from the resort and 7 miles from the eponymous port. Network hotels near the airport offer cheap night sleep, free breakfast and transfer, unlike hotels on the beach. Embassy Suites and Sofitel are the most beautiful and comfortable ones.

Rental apartments and country houses

If you love being away from the crowd or just prefer to stick to your own schedule, vacation rentals are the cheapest and easiest way to relax in Miami Beach. You can stay for any period in an apartment or house that is privately owned and enjoy your time. You will have your own kitchen and more personal space to stay.

Photo of an art deco hotel lobby in Miami on the coast - American ButlerHow to choose a hotel on the ocean

The best way out when looking for a hotel is, of course, to contact our specialists who will help you in the selection of a room. Professionals will take into account all the wishes expressed by you and will explain all the nuances of living. Believe that this question has no trifles.

For example, we will help you to correctly determine the choice of the area of residence that suits you best. Rid yourself of unnecessary thoughts!

Do you want a day to bask in the white sand of local beaches, and a luxury hotel with a large bed will be waiting for you within walking distance?

But, as soon as the gentle sun hides behind the horizon, you will want to walk to the chic restaurant and “hang on” for a long time in a good nightclub. We will advise you to settle in the South Beach area.

This is the center of the town. Here are the best hotels in Miami Beach. But here everything is quite democratic in terms of prices.

Based on your financial capabilities, you can pick up a room in an ultra-luxury hostel, and you can stay at a very decent, but relatively inexpensive hotel.

Location: recommendations and tips

Fans of music concerts and parties can be advised to settle in the Washington avenue area - this is a real Mecca for music lovers. Rhythmic salsa almost all day and night will delight you with its charming sounds. So, calmly collect your suitcases with clothes, and we will pick you up the apartments exactly those that you dreamed about on long winter evenings.

Photo of the pool at the hotel in Miami on the ocean - American ButlerThe best hotels in Miami Beach are located on the island, along the island line. Hotels on the ocean - it is convenient, although expensive. If you need luxury and chic - choose hotels according to the picture and do not look at the price tag, be merciful to yourself, the price tag can really be beyond.

But for most tourists, the cost is no less important than comfort. Then you downtown. 30-40 minutes walk to the sea, but capital concrete walls and normal sound insulation. Comfort is at a good level, with designer fabrication, but without gilding and excesses. There are hostels, where with minimal comfort you can get a bed for $ 20. On average, Miami hotels cost from $ 100 per night.

In South Florida, the season is year-round. Accordingly, there is a resort fee, at least $ 20 per day, not specified in the room rate.

Some believe that this is an additional charge for sun beds by the pool or for parking.

No, it's just a resort fee. Sun beds and a parking place are paid separately if their free of charge is not specified when ordering.

All additional conditions that are not spelled out as free are paid and their cost will have to be paid on top. This applies to additional taxes, which are often not specified. The total cost of a room in large hotels may differ from that stated on the site by 50%. In case of expensive hotel rooms, the resort’s cities are substantial sums.

Miami Beach hotels - photo Flamingo Hotel - American Butler

The details of ordering rooms in Miami via the Internet

Many of our tourists order via the Internet, not knowing the local realities, and are very happy with low prices until they come to the front desk to pay for services. Well, if the hotel immediately announces additional payments at check-in. Then guests can simply take a chance to look for another hotel, losing a reservation. Often, tourists will learn about additional payments after the fact, at the exit. Have to pay.

Count on your wallet, choose affordable hotels in Miami, use the advice of knowledgeable people when choosing a hotel. You can order everything through American Butler. Then all the problems with the hotel will be solved by your representatives, and you will calmly enjoy the rest.

The most convenient option is not to book a room in the hotel on your own, but to trust American Butler, we will help you to book the apartment at a convenient time and within your budget.
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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