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Excursions in Los Angeles

A visit to Los Angeles is not complete without Hollywood. And the Getty Museum. And ethnic quarters. And... well, today you will learn a lot. Today, we explore Los Angeles and take care of history and culture lessons.


Los Angeles was founded in 1781. It was originally called El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula - the Virgin and Queen of the Angels of Porchinkula. Only a few Mexican families lived here, but by 1800 the population was 315 people. Then in 1847, American troops captured Los Angeles.

With the discovery of gold in California in 1848, Americans rushed to live in Los Angeles and its environs. By 1870, the population had grown to 5,614 people. However, in the winter of 1861-1862 there were severe floods, and two years of drought followed, which hit the influx of new residents. However, Los Angeles recovered from such a blow.

Photo of a view of Los Angeles from above - American ButlerAt the end of the XIX century, many people migrated to Southern California for the sake of their health. It was believed that climate heals or at least improves human life.

In 1874, the tram began work, and Los Angeles was connected to San Francisco by rail. In 1892, oil was discovered. As a result, the city grew very quickly, and by 1900 more than 100,000 people lived here.

In the early 1900s, the film industry was focused on the northeast. But there were problems: bad weather, demanding employees and vigilant control of the company of Thomas Edison, who tirelessly arranged licensing fees. The filmmakers began to look for other places to shoot and came across a piece of paradise in Los Angeles. It is moderately sunny, and the geography is diverse. - Mountains, seas and cityscapes.

In 1914, directed by Cecil B. DeMille made the first feature film made in Los Angeles. Later, the rest of the movie business followed DeMille.

Los Angeles - a country of earthquakes. Past earthquakes devastated the region, but it always returned to normal. Thus, the earthquake in Long Beach in 1933 with a magnitude of 6.3 is considered to be "the most deadly seismic event in the history of Southern California."

Or here is an earthquake in 1994. This 6.7 magnitude earthquake, concentrated in the San Fernando Valley, caused 466 fires and injured more than 9,000 people. But now the consequences of this you will not notice.

In the 21st century, Los Angeles continues to flourish. In 2015, the summer Olympic Games were held here. In 2017, the population was already 4 million people.

Photo Sightseeing Bus in Los Angeles, California - American Butler

Tours in Los Angeles in russian

Los Angeles is a huge city, which is unrealistic to see. Its total area is almost 1,5 thousand square kilometers. For this reason, American Butler offers you several diverse excursions, which together will give you a complete picture of the City of Angels and its surroundings.

Los Angeles, like almost all of the United States, is not particularly welcomed by walkers - there is a huge distance between places of interest, and during a long walk it is not surprising to get a sunstroke.

So most of the tours will take place by car, with the opportunity to visit individual places, take pictures of them, as well as a snack. Perhaps a stop on demand if you are attracted to a particular street.

In total, you will need 4 to 7 days to explore the metropolis. We recommend first to evaluate the most important sights - the Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Beach, the prestigious area of Beverly Hills and the Hollywood sign. And after that you can start exploring more local places: from museums and parks to clubs and cafes.

What excursions we offer

  • Center and Villa Getty in Malibu

J. Museum Paula Getty began as a private collection of oil magnate, but eventually grew into a huge complex of 750 acres. The Getty Center is located and a villa of the same name in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains.

The main charm of the presented collection is its full coverage of the culture of ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria. There are so many exhibits that they had to be placed in 5 buildings at once.

Visiting the museum is completely free, you only need to book a ticket in advance and pay for parking.

  • Tours in Los Angeles in Russian - photo of the street in Santa Monica - American ButlerStudio Universal

Universal Studios Hollywood is the only real film studio and theme park in the world. This is a popular way to spend a weekend for locals in Los Angeles.

From the world-famous studio tour to exciting rides and entertainment for the whole family, the magic of cinema will become a reality for all who experience it.

This place contains attractions for Harry Potter, the Fast and the Furious, the Jurassic Park, King Kong and other famous studio franchises.

  • Tour from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and Malibu

Los Angeles has everything you could wish for: delicious food, exciting cultural events, fine art, quaint locals, and the list goes on and on. So why go somewhere else?

Well, Santa Barbara could be the best place to relax. While Los Angeles is a sprawling blanket of people, cultures and architectural styles, Santa Barbara has a more collected and solid look that will make even the least architecturally minded stop and explore the streets.

  • Day Tour from Los Angeles to San Diego

San Diego, California's second largest city , is a diverse mix of culture and cuisine with great weather all year round. This city is considered the birthplace of California, since the first Spanish settlement was founded in 1769 in the Old Town of San Diego.

You cannot visit San Diego without having to spend at least one day visiting the beach. Black' s Beach is popular among surfers, and the Pacific Beach youth atmosphere attracts those who want to enjoy the nightlife.

Stunning views of the coast can be found in several public parks and beaches, including the Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve, Blacks Beach and Sunset Cliffs.

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