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Buy housing in Miami and get closer to your dream

Thinking of buying an apartment in Miami? Or are you considering buying a house? Inexpensive or luxury real estate? Buy or rent? Do you want to live in the rhythm of Miami - a resort, entertainment, business city on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean? A lot of questions, right?

The most difficult thing is to make the right choice in favor of one of the types of real estate. And first you need to understand what you need real estate for.

A dream will come true, just use the services of American Butler. At your service an extensive base, which presents elite and more budget options real estate in Florida, as well as a wide range of housing offered by landlords. The specialists of our company have the experience of competent, impeccable customer service who want to own good housing - from the ocean to the city center.

What is the best house or apartment in Miami

If you have the opportunity to purchase real estate in Miami, you should seriously approach this issue, and to begin with, have a firm understanding of what exactly you are looking for. After all, real estate is acquired "for centuries" (almost), and a mistake in such a case can be expensive. To avoid it, you need to understand the difference between real estate for housing and it for rental.

Buy real estate in Miami cheap — photo girl on the couch in an apartment — American ButlerIf you want to buy an apartment in Miami at an affordable price, determine your budget and the purpose of acquiring housing. After all, real estate is acquired both for living and for renting it out. The cost of real estate varies by region, age of construction, location, for example, proximity to the ocean. The landscape opening from the windows is important for the apartment. Buying real estate in Miami is inexpensive, but you need to really try to get a pig in a poke.

At the same time, the apartments will be equipped with the necessary household appliances — stove, dishwasher and washing machine, refrigerator. And the newer the house, the more modern the technology. In bathrooms, tiles or even marble are usually laid, in the presence of a full set of plumbing plus spa baths, showers. The only thing that remains for the buyer is flooring, if the property is sold by the developer himself.

You can profitably “grab” a property in Miami if you purchase it from a bank, and the date of construction in this case will not be taken into account. Most are sure that repairing such housing will be cheaper than acquiring a more prestigious property. To navigate the housing market in Miami, it should be divided into 2 categories — houses and apartments. By an individual house they mean "single-family housing", and these include:

  • villas;
  • townhouses;
  • mansions.

The difference between them in the number of levels, rooms, the presence or absence of a pool, pier, the size of the land, the presence of protection. Apartments are located in high-rise buildings. If the apartment occupies the last two floors of such a building, then this is a penthouse. True, there are exceptions to this rule. In this case, the pros and cons of the proposed housing, each determines for himself.

Miami home buying on a canal — South Florida canal villa photos — American Butler

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying an apartment in Miami

A very profitable purchase, especially if you were able to buy an apartment at a cheap price. Of the advantages, the following can be distinguished:

  • convenient housing for periodic arrivals, the only thing required is to leave the air conditioner turned on so that mold does not start due to the humid hot climate;
  • no need for site maintenance;
  • the apartment does not need to be insured — all windows, doors have excellent wind resistance, and the main insurance premium is included in utilities; but it is advisable to take care of the property;
  • security at the entrance;
  • water is supplied free of charge, and the electricity bill for air conditioners is small if it is taken into account in utilities;
  • An elevator and a swimming pool are the concern of the condominium association.

There are also disadvantages, such as:

  • restrictions on the keeping of animals by their size or a complete ban;
  • rental of their housing must be coordinated with the condominium association, this set the minimum period - six months or more;
  • monthly “maintenance” — utility bills - include cleaning of the adjacent territory, maintenance of the building, pool maintenance; they increase when one of the guests cannot pay their part;
  • one apartment - one obligatory parking place, for which sometimes they charge separately;
  • if it is necessary to repair the building, the costs are divided between the tenants and included in the “maintenance” (installment plan), or charged at the same time;
  • if there is a berth (if the house is on the coast) a separate fee is provided, and the queues wait up to a year, sometimes longer.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a property in Miami — photos of residential buildings on Fisher Island — American ButlerPros and Cons of Buying a Home in Miami

In the case when you prefer a house instead of an apartment, you get very tangible advantages, to which the disadvantages are attached, though not too burdensome. The first include:

  • together with the house, a pool, a mooring and land pass into your property, by the way, without payment for their use;
  • the possibility of renting a house for a period convenient for the owner, since the requirements in this case are more liberal;
  • the ability to keep pets without any restrictions;
  • for redevelopment — with the exception of the demolition of the walls — do not ask for permission;
  • no utility bills, with the exception of the contribution (maximum — $ 50) for lighting, garbage collection, cleanliness of the territory;
  • landscape design at your discretion, permission will be required only if you need to cut down an old tree;
  • factor of neighbors — they are absent.

The advantages of acquiring a private house are associated with obligations imposed on the owner, which can be attributed to the minuses, such as:

  • repair at own expense if the building needs it;
  • site maintenance, that is, tree pruning and lawn mowing; otherwise, a substantial fine; or a round sum for the services of the relevant city organization;
  • the purchase of a house through a bank involves the purchase of insurance (when paying in cash, this is not required); property is insured separately;
  • long-term departure provides for payment for the services of a company that monitors the condition of the site and the structure on it;
  • the pool requires constant maintenance due to siltation due to the hot climate;
  • you will have to pay for water separately, but this will not hit the budget, even if you use sprinklers.

Pros and cons of buying a property in Miami — interior photo of a modern house — American Butler

Townhouses in Miami

When you have a choice — to buy a private house or apartment — pay attention to the townhouses, which are their kind of "hybrid". They are controlled by an association, which cleans the territory, and ennobles the site. But its control is significantly weakened in comparison with the condominium, and you can start pets. Utility payments below, insurance is issued to all owners, even the repair work is sometimes carried out by the association. There is one parking place, however guest parking is provided for the second car. You will pay for water yourself.

Would you like to buy an apartment in Miami or other real estate to rent out? Consider cheaper options, because it is more profitable to get from five people for a thousand dollars than from one — five thousand, since not everyone who wants to rent a house will handle such expenses.

Future owners who apply to American Butler are guaranteed an individual approach, the selection of housing in strict accordance with the desires, financial capabilities, reliability, speed of service. Result — apartment, house, villa, apartments in a beautiful tropical city with the highest standard of living and modern infrastructure. Call us, take a decisive step towards your dream.

Buy real estate in Miami cheap — is it possible?

Miami Inexpensive Residential Property — Photo of a married couple holding keys to a new home — American ButlerAmerican Butler is successfully developing a real estate sales business in Miami and the surrounding resort. In winter, when the beautiful climate of Florida becomes especially in demand, and it is almost impossible to reserve a place in a hotel (from a regular room to expensive apartments), our customers receive the best offers and constant access to our database of rooms and apartments in Miami. Of course, you can rent, but it is much better to come to your own, cozy corner in this wonderful city.

Elite as well as inexpensive real estate in Miami is a serious investment in our difficult times. We understand the desire of customers to make a successful investment, to protect their savings. Therefore, American Butler experts are constantly analyzing the housing market of the city under construction. They note that acquiring good options is becoming more difficult from year to year, as demand for them is constantly growing. According to analysts, over the past year the price of apartments has increased by 9%, and for private homes — by 14%.

It is possible to buy a dwelling inexpensively, but for this you need to search for a sufficiently long period of time, waiting for a profitable offer to be put on the market. In Miami, there is no particular seasonality in real estate — it is in demand here year-round. Therefore, if you are on fire to cheaply purchase a home, you will have to be patient and get ready for very frequent trips and visits.

Having opted for the Atlantic coast, take part in a study tour developed by our company. The beauty of the city, the sights of the areas, the convenience of living — the Russian-speaking guide will conduct several excursions in Miami, answer your questions. You will receive advice on the features of sales transactions and taxes, on mortgage loan programs in the United States for foreigners.

You can get a full consultation about real estate, prices, a study tour by phone + 1-305-588-7298.

Leave a request on website, and we will reply to you soon.
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
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