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Dear customers, readers, subscribers!

We sat for a very long time and thought about pricing, and for a long time could not make a decision how to combine a huge amount of services together so that our clients would be comfortable with understanding all the subtleties of our work. And so that prices are really for the services performed, and not for the air that people often try to sell.

$ 299
Any advice and services for everyone
To order
$ 2999
The fare is ideal for pregnant women and tourists.
To order
$ 19999
A full-fledged concierge with an individual approach
To order

We stopped at a simple idea, on which everyone has been working in the USA for a long time - payment for services by the hour for the work done. And in order to start working in the long-term order, we have made 3 simple packages: daily, monthly and annual.

Cost of services, tariffs and prices of American ButlerCost of services

We become your personal assistants not only in Miami, but throughout the United States.

Therefore, naturally, it is much more profitable to work with us on long-term plans. What we are counting on. But, if you still need some kind of separately taken service, you will find the price for it in the table below, the approximate task time is also written there.

I would like to note that American Butler is not a Miami and US helpdesk, we spend our strength, resources and time not only to answer your many questions, but also to fill our website with materials that will help you know the United States better. If you are interested in questions that are not related to the activities and scope of our company, use the search on the site, perhaps you will find the necessary information on the pages.

Our main task is to make you happy! Well, and who is not ready to pay for happiness? Moreover, we have the lowest prices!

You start working with your personal assistant in the United States who will do absolutely everything regarding your convenience, comfort and peace of mind*.

Daily tasks Minimum hours Cost, $ / hour
Miami Restaurant Reservations one 49
Buy tickets for cultural, entertainment and sporting events one 49
Programming and organizing recreation, leisure and activities 1-2 49
Various home help: call electricians, locksmiths, online installers, maids, etc. 1-3 49
Roadside assistance, taxi call, vehicle evacuation one 49
Service "Sober Driver" 1-2 49
Sonony 1-2 49
Delivery of flowers, gifts, food, groceries, parcels, documents 1-2 49
Information support for services, products, companies, help with delivery orders 1-2 49
Help with moving 1-12 49
Opening accounts in US banks one 49
Phone interpreter one 49
Connecting SIM cards of American cellular companies one 49
VIP access to Miami nightclubs and bars, table reservations 1-2 49
Hotel Reservations in Miami, United States 1-2 49
Order Express Pedicure Manicure one 49
Order of cleaning the house, apartment one 49
Advising on any issues 24 hours a day 1-24 49
Staff recruitment 1-3 49
The property Minimum hours Cost, $ / hour
Selection of houses and villas, apartments and penthouses for rent in Miami - 99 *
Selection of real estate for purchase, sale - -
Service and property management - 199 **
Transport Minimum hours Cost, $ / hour
Selection of cars for rent in Miami and the USA - 49
Delivery of vehicles to specified destinations one 49
Search and selection of yachts and boats for charter trips - 49
Car rental with driver one 49
Relaxation Minimum hours Cost, $ / hour
Miami and Florida Tours
Miami City Tour 3-5 149
Morikami Gardens 3-4 149
Nasa Space Center 10-12 599
Excursion to Key West 12-14 599
Excursion to Villa Vizcaya 3-4 149
Coral Castle, Everglades Park 5-6 249
A trip to the parks of Orlando from 12 499
West Palm Beach City Tour 4-6 199
Excursion programs in the USA
Search and selection of cruises 1-3 49
Development of excursion programs and routes in Miami, Florida and the USA 1-3 49
Making shopping programs 1-2 49
Education Minimum hours Cost, $ / hour
Counseling in the field of obtaining and the education system in Miami and the USA 1-3 49
Search and selection of educational institutions, schools, universities in Miami, Florida and the United States 2-4 99
Miami and South Florida Private School Tour (3 schools) 6-9 299
Preparation and execution of a package of documents for admission to one of the private schools in Miami (online filling in forms, questionnaires and applications, registration of translation of a package of documents, notarization, assistance with testing, etc.) 3-6 149
Preparation and execution of applications and forms for admission to summer camps, kindergartens, additional programs in Miami 1-3 49
Preparation and execution of applications and questionnaires for entering Miami language schools 1-3 49
The medicine Minimum hours Cost, $ / hour
Medical and Medical Services in Miami and USA one 49
Selection of narrow specialists and doctors 1-3 49
Appointments to doctors 1-2 49
Accompaniment of the translator and the assistant to visits to doctors 1-3 49
Call an ambulance one 49
Selection of beauty salons and SPA 1-2 49
Organization of private and corporate events Minimum hours Cost, $ / hour
Event scenario development 3-6 149
Carrying out the event on a turnkey basis, excluding additional services, payment of the buffet and entertainment program 4-10 499
Optional paid event organization services    
Children's entertainment    
Work animator one 149
Clown performance one 149
Magician show one 199
Speech gangler on stilts one 199
Grimmer aqua 2 49
Ball Inflator 2 49
Soap bubbles show one 299
Show of trained dogs one 299
Pony rides one 349
Walking on the train one 349
Show of trained parrots one 349
Cartoonist, cartoonist 2 149
Disk jockey 3 149
Barmen's show 2 149
Toastmaster leading 2 149
Musical accompaniment 2 149
Striptease 2 299
Belly dance one 299
Any printing services, business cards, invitations, booklets, minimum order 30 pcs.   contractual
Balloons, silhouettes, figures, columns, arches   contractual
Making themed decorations   contractual
Bouquets and flower decoration   contractual
Search and selection of pavilions and sites in parks, rent 3 49
Photo and video services    
Job videographer 3 149
Photographer's work 3 99
Transport services    
Transport support and maintenance 2 49
Limousine rental for at least 2 hours one 199

*Legal services only: drugs, prostitution, weapons and other crime that violates the laws of the United States and other countries, are not included in the scope of our company’s activities.

If you have any questions or have already decided to work with us, write to us!
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
Login | Registration
Registration via social network
Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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