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Excursions in Miami

Trips to Miami from American Butler prove that this sunny city does not end at sea, sun and beaches. It would be a sin to come to Florida and not to visit one of the indigenous settlements of America or in the mansion of the famous industrialist Deering. In addition, in the suburbs, as well as in the city itself, there are places that tourists do not even know about, and this is the real Miami.

Interesting Places in Miami

Excursions in Miami in Russian — Photo Downtown — American ButlerIn addition to luxury hotels, restaurants, fashionable shops, the city has its own highlights, which tourists forget to even think about at the sight of the gentle sea.

  • In the southern part of the city is located an unusual museum of unrequited love - Coral Castle. The story says that the place where all the furnishings are made of stone was built by a man who was refused by his beloved because of his poverty. Then he left his native land and arrived in the suburb of Miami. Here he built this castle, which later became a museum.
  • On stilts in the ocean is an amazing settlement - the village of Stiltsville, which even not all the inhabitants of the city know about. Her former owner of which was perfectly orientated in the coastal strip and predicted better weather than many meteorologists, cooked a delicious cancer soup and arranged gambling in his house on the water.
  • Do you understand anything in modern art? Nonsense to enjoy the beauty of more than 3,000 exhibits of the Museum of Art of Bass in Miami Beach is not necessary!
  • There is a desire to visit the magnificent castle of the Renaissance, where the presidents of the USA Reagan and Clinton, the English queen Elizabeth and Pope John Paul II already celebrated? Villa Vizcaya is waiting for you!
  • Want to quickly and inexpensively get acquainted with the iconic places of the city? A sightseeing tour of Miami will tell about the history of its appearance and show the most interesting sights.
  • And thanks to a tour of the city’s private schools, one can compare the conditions of study in Russia and the United States and think about transferring a child to one of the schools.

Excursions to nature reserves, parks, zoos and even a casino in Miami - American Butler will do everything to make your Florida holiday memorable. The company’s website contains detailed information on nightclubs and restaurants, shopping malls and local sports teams. You will learn what attractions you can visit and how to get to them.

But are you not on vacation, why worry about the details and spend time studying materials, if you can shift all the worries to American Butler. Just choose your favorite tour or excursion!

Find out all about Miami on our website.

Miami Guide

Miami, ah, Miami! A place captivating, unforgettable and leaving a huge amount of the most bright and positive emotions.

The city of colorful streets, white sand beaches, contrasting people, prestigious hotels, wealth and bright lights, illuminating, warm and brooding Atlantic Ocean. The city is passionate, leaving only warm and incredibly pleasant memories, and the desire to visit this place again and... Again.

Miami — a photo of the subway at the resort on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean — American ButlerHow did the city of Miami

Did you know that we owe the appearance of this wonderful resort city to a woman? The basis of Miami was the desire of a strong and wealthy American woman to move to warm lands after the death of her husband and bring up children in a better climate. A little later, she received an inheritance from her father in the form of land in the current Miami area, and became the founder of the development of the southern region of Florida and a key figure in the development of the small, for that time, Miami city. So, at the end of the 19th century in 1896, on the shore Ocean appeared a small settlement, which quickly grew and became the pearl of the state.

At a rapid pace, the city attracted people — in 45 years, from a small village with a population of 300 people, it turned into a large metropolis with more than 100,000 inhabitants. He lured immigrants from both the northern regions of America and desperate seekers of new life from the Caribbean islands and Central America with their warmth of the sun, fresh ocean breeze and development prospects, which were just becoming up and down, the united state of the United States.

Why such a name? When the widow came to her new lands, it turned out that in the neighborhood there lived a tribe of Indians who called themselves “Miami”, and from there the name arose. You can learn about how the new woman’s relations with the local population could be learned from a Russian-speaking or English-speaking guide during an excursion to the village of Mikkosuki, where the natives of North America now live. Real Indians, who have preserved the traditions of their ancestors, will show how to deal with alligators and offer to taste this predator.

Photo of the city of Miami — excursions from American Butler

Interesting facts about Miami and the surrounding area

  • Miami is among the five most fashionable and sought-after resorts in the world. His age-old history was able to preserve not only the spirit of America of the last century, but also combine the era of European settlers, indigenous people of North America and an incredible modern style, combined with modern skyscrapers soaring in the clouds and sophisticated, inconspicuous to the eyes, mansions of the richest people. of the world.
  • Miami is not only a resort! Sports, education, medicine, recreational parks and boulevards, zoos and amusement parks, yacht trips and wave-riding on a water bike. The nightlife in Miami is mesmerizing! An incredible number of clubs, cafes and restaurants for every taste and whim of the visiting man in the street.
  • Miami does not pass by one of the largest world annual festivals of electronic music - Miami Winter Conference, with the participation of the most iconic and popular world musicians and DJs.
  • Art Deco, a synthesis of neoclassicism and modernity, is the style in which the old center of South Beach, the most famous district of the city of Miami, is built. Passing through the quiet streets of a seemingly restless city, bumping into numerous art galleries and art studios, it is impossible to pass by so popular and unusual style mergers, inspiring, driving to learn Miami more and closer.
  • For fans of shopping, Miami prepared the most delicious dish — one of the country's largest shopping centers: Dolphin Mall, Aventura Mall, Bal Harbor Shops. After all, where, if not in the USA, the pleasure of sales and purchases, you get double the amount, especially by acquiring, one might say, works of art of such maestro styles like D & G, Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton.

Desire to soak up the snow-white beach, shrouding your skin with a tender film of golden tan, or cut the air, rushing along the ideal roads of the highways, winding your hair in a red Ferrari convertible, or measuring the space, traveling through the night whirlwind of nightclubs, sweeping away everything in its path with a hurricane! The dream city is getting closer! Make up your mind - this is Miami!

Miami and Miami Beach are not the same thing

City of Miami Beach, Florida — photo of the famous Ocean Drive street — American ButlerMiami Beach is a heavenly place, designed exclusively for the needs of holidaymakers, a small resort town 7 miles from Miami itself. 15 minutes drive and you are there. By the way, American Butler can help with the rental of any transport in Miami.

  • Do you want to just swim on the yacht, admiring the views, or take a small cruise? Easy.
  • It has long dreamed of seeing the whole city in full view from a height just below the clouds, enjoying each other's company — a helicopter ride will be remembered by you and your second half. You can fly not only over the city or the beach, but also to visit the adjacent islands, completing the excursion with a delicious dinner in one of the local restaurants.
  • “Feel” the city can be traveling by land: touch the story, watching it intertwined with modernity.

The company American Butler is ready to organize for you an excursion in Miami and beyond.

Excursions in Miami in Russian will help you maximize to discover all the highlights of the southernmost state of America, Florida.

Travel the US with American Butler!

Learn more about the magnificent resort city of Miami!
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