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Shopping in Miami

Shopping in Miami is easy and enjoyable if you were born in Florida or California, you know the outlets in Miami and the sales schedule, make friends with a couple of fashion designers, regularly attend the most current parties and know the fashion features of this season.

In this category, we will talk about the largest and most popular shopping malls and outlets in Miami.

Discounts and sales in Miami

Sales in Miami are significantly different from sales in Milan, London or Moscow. It’s not in vain that representatives of many fashionistas and fashionistas fly over the ocean specifically for the pleasure of replenishing their wardrobe with trendy things at low or even prohibitively low prices.

Brand stores in Miami have grand seasonal sales. A real Chanel handbag for $200? This is real if it is last year’s collection and the turquoise color relevant in the past season. In another country, this bag will be relevant for another 10 years after it appears in the top luxury stores. Shopping malls in Miami rarely offer very low prices, but they are sold all year round.

Shopping in Miami: Malls, Stores, Outlets — American ButlerCost and prices in Miami

Tourists who come to Miami to relax in the process of sunbathing regularly think about shopping for a particular wardrobe item. And, they are often very surprised after shopping outings in Miami stores. Yes, they are surprised precisely at the cost and prices of clothes and accessories. Prices in Miami are really low compared, for example, with New York, and the choice is no worse.

For the first time, the right decision would be to invite such a shopping specialist in Miami who knows where and how to save. Do not hesitate, the cost of the master always pays off. Often even dozens of times.

In addition to the duties of a shopping guide, he can help with the choice of clothes, cosmetics, shoes, honestly tell you how this or that thing sits, offer options, help you choose the right size and fit. To some extent, you get the company of a good friend or girlfriend and an upscale personal stylist.

Designate tasks before the trip. Procurement specialists visually instantly determine the desired size and are ready to offer interesting options and new ideas.

If you want to pick up clothes for golf or jogging, do not waste time in the department with ball gowns. If you need to choose a whole wardrobe - tell the purpose of each costume, and the guide will offer the best options. It may take several days for purchases.

Shopping in Miami — photo shops at Bayside Marketplace — American Butler

Features of shopping in Miami with a personal assistant

Shopping in the USA can really be a profession. Our shopping specialist will simply bring you to the right shops on the right day. Many celebrities, who themselves are well versed in fashion, have their own specialists in shopping for things. Keeping track of current trends, sales, understanding of the style and choosing the appropriate stores - all this requires considerable experience and great taste.

Outlets in Miami can simply dump a pile of fashionable clothes on the counter. Without an accurate understanding of what exactly is worth buying and which stores you need to go to, the work of a guide is simply unthinkable.

The guide will not lead a magnificent woman to sell 42 size trendy swimwear or to a youth clothing supermarket where you can buy very cheaply if your weight is less than 50 kg. It is in these stores in Miami and New York that newbies usually disappear, buying on persistent invitations and flattery sellers.

In addition, for shopping in Miami to be truly successful, you need to unconstrainedly and without the slightest emphasis on Twitter in the American version of the English language, using local phraseological units.

Cost and prices in Miami — photo of the shopping mall Bal Harbor Shops in Miami — American ButlerWhat you need to know about the Miami shopping guide

  • The shopping master is a procurement specialist and does not receive money from stores. You pay only for the shopping guide.
  • The guide will behave like your girlfriend and will maintain a conversation on any topic. But this is an employee. Do not shock your new girlfriend with too spicy stories.
  • You can ask the guide to hold a few more outfits, but don’t demand to fasten your zipper, do your hairstyle, unfasten chains, hold your dog, look after your children.
  • Extra time must be paid, even if it seems to you that the guide just enjoys talking with you and shopping.
  • If you give gifts to the guide, she will sincerely thank you. This will not reduce the agreed service charge.
  • Keep checks. You can return the product if you decide that it does not suit you.
  • Accurately formulate your wishes and you can get more pleasure from shopping in Miami.

American Butler is in a hurry to help you with this important and interesting activity — shopping in Miami stores.

Leave your request or contact the phone number +1-305-588-7298.
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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Registration via social network
Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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