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Jungle Gardens

The Sarasota Jungle Gardens is an incredible place that American Butler is happy to tour for you.

Having plunged into the wonderful world of the jungle, unique animals and active pastime, the trip will be remembered for a long time. Jungle Gardens in Sarasota is an incredible place to relax and experience.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens — Florida Themed Zoo Sign Photo — American Butler

About Jungle Gardens Zoo Sarasota

Jungle Gardens in Sarasota is home to over 200 exotic and native animals. There are many exciting excursions that will appeal to guests of all ages. The total territory of the zoo is 10 acres of stunning landscaping, which combines winding jungle paths.

The zoo is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm, so travelers can spend the whole day in this fascinating place, enjoying the interaction with the fauna.

zoo inhabitants

The Jungle Gardens in Sarasota has a large number of rare animals and birds, including:

  • parrots,
  • primates;
  • small mammals;
  • more than 20 types of snakes;
  • lizards;
  • iguanas;
  • alligators;
  • crocodiles;
  • other reptiles;
  • pink flamingos.

For the entertainment of guests, original shows of reptiles and birds are held here daily. They are not only educational, but also entertaining. With the magnificent abodes of the zoo, tourists can take a huge amount of amazing photos, as many representatives of the fauna love to pose for pictures and do it with great pleasure.

The youngest visitors have the amazing opportunity to feed the Koi fish that swim in the small pools on the playground.

The local "children of the sunset" — pink flamingos — deserve special attention. Many tourists go on exciting journeys to find and catch these birds by the tail. In Jungle Gardens, you can not only admire these stunning beauties, but also feed them from your hands. The local flamingos are not afraid of people, they are happy to approach them. Together with these birds, you can watch the incredible "dance" of herons, ducks, swans, pelicans, as well as other animals passing by.

Going on an excursion to the Jungle Gardens, each person will have an unforgettable experience in their memory.

Jungle Gardens in Sarasota — photo of pink flamingos on the lake — American Butler

About the history of Jungle Gardens

This Florida flavor in Sarasota arose a very long time ago — more than 70 years ago.

The first mention of the Sarasota Jungle appeared in the 1930s. It was at this time that David Broad Lindsay acquired 10 acres in the western United States. The owner of the site had grandiose plans to create a botanical garden from the incredible virgin subtropical jungle.

D. Lindsay had a hard time, but his friend and neighbor, Pearson Conrad, came to his aid.

Creating a botanical garden is not an easy process, friends had a hard time collecting interesting trees and plants for the floristic filling of the jungle. They personally landed on the territory:

  • Australian walnut;
  • Bunya Bunya tree;
  • fragrant rice;
  • Peruvian apple cactus;
  • royal palms;
  • banana trees;
  • red maples;
  • bald cypress.

The efforts of Lindsay and Conrad were not in vain — starting in 1936, they began to notice the first visitors who came to the territory to look at the unique plantations. This is where the thinking of the managers kicked in and they set the entrance fee at 35 cents for adults and 10 cents for children. Since 1939, the Sarasota jungle began to officially work, attracting guests not only from America, but also from other countries of the world.

In the 1970s, the park was purchased by Arthur C. Allin, and it is his family that now manages the zoo. The owners began to bring rare birds and animals to the territory, opened a cafe, a souvenir shop and turned an ordinary boring garden into an entertainment center for active tourists.

Excursion to the Jungle Gardens Zoo in Sarasota — photo of the scenery in the park — American Butler

Excursions from American Butler

American Butler is additionally looking for exciting new vacation spots and unforgettable pastimes in Florida, developing this tourism industry. By ordering excursions at American Butler, each traveler will receive a lot of positive emotions, amazing pictures and a lot of pleasant impressions.

American Butler Company can easily organizes a tour to this amazing Jungle park.

Clients of the company won't think about transportation or entertainment, since everything will be organized at the highest level.
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
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  • 4.Payment history
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