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Popular restaurants in Los Angeles

Wondering where you should eat in Los Angeles - right now? You are in the right place. The hit list American Butler is your guide to the best restaurants in the city.

Los Angeles Culinary scene thrives on its diverse mix of inspired cuisines of different countries of dishes. Our experts evaluate the city for delicious food, value for money, insider information.

Photo of one of the restaurants in Los Angeles overlooking Downtown - American ButlerRestaurants: TOP-5

  • Sichuan impression

If you are on Westside, a snack in the San Gabriel Valley is almost a day trip. Although day trips are fun, sometimes you want great Chinese food without sacrificing half of your Saturday.

A popular restaurant located on Santa Monica Blvd., in West Los Angeles. It is aged in Chinese style, so that the aromas will be spicy, intense and worth every hour of waiting that you experience.

The crowded second floor space is quickly filled with colleagues, families and students. Since the tables are located close to each other, you will feel as if you are eating with the whole restaurant, and not just with the people with whom you entered.

Order a mix of spicy dishes (boiled fish and mapo tofu, which will clean your nasal sinuses with their sharpness), add a little softer flavors (lamb on toothpicks and pork ribs with smoked Lapsang Souchong tea).

Photo of dishes at Sichuan Impression Restaurant in Los Angeles - American Butler

  • Sushi note

Sushi Note is a sushi bar in Sherman Oaks, which has created its own entertainment category. The fun here comes not from food, but from visitors.

This is a sushi restaurant and a wine bar next door, where you can hang out all night. There is a main bar where chefs work; a row of wooden tables along the wall where you can eat with a group; a small bar in the back serving wine.

You feel like spending the night in a high-end Japanese spa, and Sushi Note is the back room where the owners pour wine and serve sushi all night.

The entire range is offered on the menu, but if this is your first time, make Omakase. For $80, you get ten pieces of perfectly sliced sushi from red perch to otoro and graviks, edamame, miso soup and rolls.

Popular Los Angeles food places and restaurants - Sushi Note photo - American Butler As for the wine, you can order a bottle or glass of your choice, or allow the sommelier to have a tasting. This is a fairly common practice among restaurants that are serious about wine, but Sushi Note does it in such a way that the tasting is personal and unpretentious. Do not be surprised if they tell you why this Chablis tastes so good with bream.

  • Porridge & Puffs

Porridge & Puffs in the Vietnamese quarter may look like any other institution with minimalist decor and plenty of natural light. But you will not find eggs on toast or cabbage salad here - only rice porridge bowls, chewy cakes and a few vegetable dishes.

The porridges are fantastic, especially the one served with stewed rib under five spices, and the other with Chinese sausage and miso made from peas. This is a simple but tasty food that you will want to return to.

Rice porridge with several ingredients may seem simple, but all the bowls here are difficult to prepare - for example, a hearty seasonal dish with chestnut butter porridge with nut butter, baked with duck and braised winter melon. Everything you eat here is thin, layered and full of flavor. This is a food that was made just for you, and which you would prefer not to share.

This Asian place has a charming, slightly unfinished look. For decoration, dry flowers on one wall and a bunch of polaroid pictures on the other are used, as well as speaker wires glued to the windows. The common table is slightly wobbly, the bench along the wall is too low for the tables, so that delights are minimized, but remain within the framework of convenience.

  • Guerrilla tacos

Previously, Guerilla Tacos was a truck where people lined up to order sweet potato tacos for $4. Many complained that the price was too high, but when they tried the taco, it came to the realization that it stands out from hundreds of others.

The business was a success, the founders built a restaurant - in which not only tacos are served.

Somehow, the restaurant feels just like a truck — a regular one, with very friendly staff and fast service, except that you are sitting at the table. This is a large space with a full bar and an open kitchen.

Order here sweet potatoes, mushrooms and tacos from fried cod, as well as a toast with raw fish. None of this will disappoint you, but you should also go to the seasonal quesadilla, which can have lobster with a fried egg, as well as the fantastic vegetarian casco fundido.

And if you need a reminder of simpler times, come on a weekday morning for breakfast with a burrito served from the window.

Photo restaurant Guerrilla Tacos in Los Angeles - American Butler

  • La morra pizzeria

Ask six different people about your thoughts about pizza in Los Angeles, and you will get six different opinions. The city serves a lot of different pizza, but to find one that makes everyone happy is much more difficult. However, La Morra Pizzeria comes close to that.

La Morra Pizzeria is not really a restaurant - it is a portable pizza oven built on the back of a trailer that appears on Tuesdays at Hayden in Culver City and on Thursdays at Tabula Ras in Hollywood.

The filling is simple, but fresh and fragrant, and the crust is the most beautiful hybrid that can be chewed and crunched. The menu is constantly changing, but you will probably find a classic margarita, a pie with mushrooms or “Four cheeses” and something strange - for example, tartufo with truffles.

Book a tour from American Butler and our guide will introduce you to all the shades of Los Angeles cuisine.
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
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