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San Diego parks

In San Diego, the weather is fine every day, with access to parks. Recreation areas meet the needs of everyone, having both playgrounds for children and glades for dog walking. Visit the best San Diego parks on our list.

Walking parks in San Diego

  • Queen Calafia's Magic Circle

The most beautiful parks in San Diego – photo Balboa Park – American ButlerThe only American sculpture garden by artist Nicky de Saint-Fall. The park is unique in that it can be played – a collection of nine amusing sculptures designed to test tactile sensations.

You will find a garden inside the Iris Sanki Arboretum. You do not have to be a child to enjoy this place. Entrance to this San Diego treasure is free.

  • Balboa park

Balboa Park is a must-see place, because there are more than 80 cultural sites of the city. We recommend that you purchase an “Explorer Pass”, which provides free admission to the park’s museums.

There is something to see: 16 museums and cultural centers, playgrounds, a carousel and a miniature railway. Take a stroll through the botanical garden, listen to an organ concert in the open air or watch a theater performance. Thanks to the free tram, it is easy to explore the entire massive complex in a day.

  • Ellen Browning Scripps Park

Located just above La Hall Bay, this park is a great place to stop and relax while walking along the promenade. It is believed that the wind that walks here inspired Dr. Seuss to write the novel Lorax.

The large grassy area is popular for games, training and picnics. Although parking on the street is difficult, there are several public garages nearby.

Parks in San Diego – Old Town San Diego State Historic Park – photo by American Butler

  • Waterfront park

Waterfront Waterpark is very popular due to its gigantic fountains, a swimming pool, a garden with plants and modern equipment. The large meadow is ideal for picnics and games, and films are shown here on summer evenings. The park is located just a few steps from Little Italy, making it an ideal place for excursions.

  • Kate Sessions

Kate Sessions Park boasts one of San Diego's most spectacular views. It is also popular for dog walking. Relax on the grass and read books, do exercises, play frisbee and enjoy. A playground with swings, slides and a climbing wall has been built for children.

  • Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

Find out what life was like in Mexico and early America in the 1800s. The Old City is the place where San Diego was born, it contains historical treasures discovered by archaeologists in recent years.

The historical park includes several original buildings: a school building, a forge and a museum. Nearby are some of the best Mexican restaurants famous for homemade tortillas. An ideal day here includes acquaintance with the park and its museums, and then - gatherings in the cafe.

Mission Bay Park – San Diego park view photo – American Butler

San Diego Nature Reserves

  • Mission trails

San Diego Nature Reserves & Parks – photo of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve – American ButlerMission Trails is one of the largest San Diego nature reserves, covering an area of about 30 square kilometers. It includes 60 kilometers of hiking trails, a lake, campsites and a visitor center where you will learn about the history of the park.

Guided tours are held several times a week. Mission Trails is an ideal habitat for all types of wildlife, so watch out for snakes, lizards, runners, squirrels, deer and quails.

  • Mission bay park

Mission Bay covers 40 kilometers of coastline, of which 19 are sandy beaches. Here you will find marinas, volleyball courts, picnic places, bike paths, jogging trails.

Water sports are incredibly popular in the park, and in some of the hotels there are places for renting surfboards, kayaks and pedal boats.

  • Torrey pines state natural reserve

Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve has sea views and eight miles of trails through a unique landscape. Local pine trees are found only in two places on earth: here and on the Channel Islands, almost 200 miles to the north.

Thanks to nature conservation, the reserve is one of the most pristine places in the state. At its foot 300 feet below is a magnificent sandy beach, and the northern part of the park is popular with families.

In San Diego, the weather is perfect almost every day – use this to conquer the parks with American Butler!

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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
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