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Seattle Museums

Seattle museums are not just another way to hide from the rain, but also a source of new knowledge and experience. They pay homage to history, musicians, artists and technology. After relaxing in your hotel suite and recharging yourself with a delicious meal at a local restaurant, head to the city's best museums on our list.

Museums of computers, technology and the future

  • Living Computers Museum and Labs

Living Computers: Museum and Labs — Seattle's top museums — American ButlerLCM + Labs is the brainchild of Microsoft co-founder and Seattle resident Paul Allen. His dream was to provide a unique experience of working with computer technology from different generations.

The museum presents a complete history of computer technology. Paul assembled a huge number of refurbished supercomputers, mainframes and microcomputers that can still be used today.

The main gallery has an exhibition of augmented reality, robotics, self-driving cars, a video game lab, and more. On the ground floor, visitors can participate in educational experiments. History buffs and technology buffs will love the historical significance of this museum.

  • Connections Museum Seattle

The Communications Museum is located in the Georgetown area of Seattle. It focuses on the evolving history of communications. Computer geeks and history buffs will appreciate the working hardware at this museum.

Visitors can get acquainted with the museum's exhibits, including mechanical and electronic switching systems, telephones, telegraphs and teletypes.

  • Museum of History and Industry

The Seattle Museum of History and Industry not only delves into the city's past, but also envisions the future. There are two permanent exhibitions that are in the spotlight.

In the first, visitors will trace the historic path of Seattle from the desert to the modern urban metropolis. A second equally intriguing permanent exhibition is the Bezos Innovation Center. It is here that visitors can explore the vision of Seattle's future.

Seattle art museums

  • Frye Art Museum

The Frye Art Museum is located east of the city center. This area is a mixture of old mansions, city high-rise apartments and numerous hospitals, which have given the area the nickname Pill Hill (Pill Hill).

Seattle Art Museum — the best museums in Seattle — American ButlerThe museum is one of the most vibrant in the quarter, featuring contemporary art by American and European artists.

  • Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum is located downtown on First Avenue. The imposing museum manages several of the city's main art sites, such as the Museum of Art and the Olympic Sculpture Park, located on the waterfront.

The main museum hosts fantastic exhibitions throughout the year, from learning about samurai culture to the history of sprinter Jeffrey Gibson. The museum offers both paid and free guided tours.

History and science museums

  • Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

The collections at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture reflect the latest research in biology, geology, paleontology and cultural studies. Here visitors will find 16 million objects from around the globe. See Native American art, typical flora and fauna, minerals and natural resources in Washington State.

  • Last Resort Fire Department Museum

The Firefighting Museum is located at the headquarters of the Seattle institution of the same name. The museum's depot displays installations from different eras, helmets, fire extinguishers, uniforms, badges, alarm logs and historical photographs.

Visitors will see station furnishings, first aid supplies and other antique fire fighting equipment. The exhibition also presents historical information about the famous fires of the city.

  • Pacific Science Center

The Pacific Science Center's goal is to develop visitors' interest in science, spark a passion for discovery, and stimulate critical thinking. Here you will see innovative laser shows, and watch popular documentaries and educational films in the IMAX cinema. Visitors will find numerous events at the museum, including Final Fridays, Today at PacSci, and Science in the City.

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