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Grand Park in Los Angeles

The ambitious vision of a civic and cultural center in downtown Los Angeles, proposed more than a century ago by landscape architect Charles Robinson, was realized through the creation of Grand Park.

Aerial view photo of Grand Park in Los Angeles - American ButlerGrand Park: features of the territory

Grand Park, extending from Music Center to City Hall to the Town Hall, is not only one of Los Angeles’s most popular venues for daily exercise, lunch breaks, and family events, it is also the center for Chinatown, Little Tokyo, El Pueblo and old banking district.

The 12-acre park includes a terrace, lawns, the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain with LED lighting and 24 botanical gardens. The place impresses with a stunning horizon in the city center and covers a vertical drop of more than 90 feet.

About 140 plant species represent six world kingdoms of floristry. More than five million gallons of water are treated annually with filter seeders before the water reaches stormwater.

The park is famous for its activities. The first public New Year celebration was held on December 31, 2013. The event, which included food vans, art installations and various light shows, among other things, attracted about 25,000 spectators.

At the end of August 2014, a festival was held with the participation of Imagine Dragons, John Mayer, Kanye West and other performers. During the 2028 Summer Olympics, the park will serve as a venue for marathons and cycling.

Photo of Grand Park, Los Angeles, USA: description, history, facts - American Butler


In 1907, planner and landscape architect Charles Robinson proposed combining Los Angeles city and county buildings. The city plan of architect Frank Lloyd Wright included a community center with rooftop runways.

Photo of the column with the name of the park - Grand Park in Los Angeles - American ButlerThe local commissions of the chamber of commerce rejected Bartholomew Olmsted’s plan, which would turn the city center into a network of thousands of city parks.

County Chief Executive Officer Arthur J. Will proposed the construction of the Civic Center. This idea was accepted favorably. In total, the center occupied two blocks between Los Angeles County Courthouse and Hall of Administration. With the design change, the public area has been expanded to four quarters.

Unfortunately, the constructed building was rather inconspicuous and underestimated for decades. In the XXI century, it was decided to transform the forgotten piece of land and make it accessible to tourists and residents. Awesome ramps and impressive government buildings made the square especially unfriendly for pedestrians.

The reconstruction project required 12 years of planning, participation and cooperation between planners, developers, designers, officials and the public. And the direct construction of the Grand Park began in 2010 and cost $ 56 million.

On October 6, 2012, Grand Park celebrated its centenary and was born again at the same time. On this day, concerts, yoga classes were held, a fair was held, cultural festivals and celebrations that attracted more than 150,000 people to the park.

Photo of Fountains at Grand Park Los Angeles, California - American Butler

What to look at

  • Olive Court, an area with olive trees and historic benches, is the venue for art and book fairs, plant sales, and small social events.
  • A bronze copy of the George Washington statue of Jean-Antoine Houdon is located opposite the statue of Christopher Columbus by sculptor Francesco Perotti at Performance Lawn.
  • Park signs and the slogan “The park for everyone” are translated into 25 languages.
  • The park has mobile chairs, benches and tables, similar to Bryant Park in New York.

Photos of Children and People at Grand Park in Los Angeles, USA - American ButlerPermanent events include:

  • Sunday Sessions Festival
  • music concerts;
  • Independence Day Party
  • yoga during lunch;
  • dance performances;
  • farmers market in the city center;
  • book festivals.

Grand Park was created to become a place of unification of many people and cultures. This project honors and celebrates the unique relationship of residents and guests of Los Angeles. Grand Park is a vibrant city oasis where you can sit and watch people. This proves that romance reigns in the city.

Additional Information
Address 200 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Mode of operation Mon - Sun: 5:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Web site Visit website
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