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Popular museums of Los Angeles

There are so many museums in Los Angeles that it’s hard to know where to start. American Butler offers excursions to a variety of them. Consider only some of the museums that may interest you.

Photo of dinosaur exhibits at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles - American ButlerWhat Los Angeles museums are worth visiting

  • Museum of Jurassic Technology

The Jurassic Museum of Technology is one of the most exciting museums in Los Angeles, containing a surreal collection of seemingly unrelated items.

There is a collection of very, very tiny sculptures, each of which is made of strands of hair. You will find a room full of letters sent to the Mount Wilson Observatory. A gallery consisting solely of pictures of dogs that were involved in the Soviet space program will also come across. And do not forget about the Russian tea room, where people share space with unusually tame birds.

  • The broad

Opened in 2015 in Los Angeles, The Broad contains about 2000 works of contemporary art, including Jeff Koons's Balloon Dog and Infinity Mirrored Room Mirror Room by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Guests must book tickets online and order an additional ticket to the mirror Infinity room if they want to see it. Food and cocktails are available at the nearby Otium Restaurant.

  • The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Contemporary Art features a diverse collection of artwork. It is the largest art museum in the western United States and has one of the most diverse collections of works of art.

Outside, visitors will see the famous Urban Light installation, consisting of 202 refurbished cast-iron antique street lamps illuminating Wilshire Boulevard. Centrally located between the beach and the center of Los Angeles, LACMA is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Los Angeles.

Popular Los Angeles museums: a list of the best from American Butler

  • Getty museum

J. Museum Paula Getty consists of two campuses: the Getty Center and the eponymous villa. The Getty Center, opened in 1997, is breathtaking in many ways. Architect Richard Mayer was responsible for the design, and the location of the center on a hill in the mountains of Santa Monica offers incredible views. Sophisticated exhibits, impressive gardens, as well as a restaurant and cafe are ready to receive guests daily.

Villa Getty is located in the eastern part of the Malibu coast and is dedicated to the art and culture of ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria. Entry to Getty Villa and Getty Center is free, but parking costs $15.

  • Griffith observatory

The observatory is located in the stunning Griffith Park - the largest public green area in Los Angeles, covering more than 4,000 acres.

The building boasts one of the best views of the city, including the center and the Hollywood Sign. Opened in 1935, the Griffith Observatory offers free telescopes, exhibitions and a high-tech planetarium. Entrance to the observatory and its territory is free, but a small fee is charged for tickets to the planetarium show.

  • Photo The Broad museum - the best museums of Los Angeles - American ButlerGrammy Museum at Live

Discover more than 160 genres of music at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. This interactive family-friendly museum in the center of Los Angeles, with four floors of exhibitions, is one of the main attractions for music lovers. On your next trip to Los Angeles, do not miss a visit to this exciting museum!

  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

The NHM was originally the first museum building in Los Angeles, opened in 1913. Its pavilions invite visitors to appreciate the skeletons of animals and dinosaur fossils, a hall of precious stones and minerals, 3.5-acre urban natural gardens and the Becoming LA exhibition, which covers the history of Los Angeles from Native Americans to the present day.

  • Craft contemporary

The new name, but still the same progressive approach to modern folk art : the institution, formerly known as the Museum of Crafts and Folk Art, is now called Craft Contemporary.

The only public exhibition dedicated to modern craft and public art, continues to expand its program. Here you will find everything from Venetian glass production to American book printing, Sonny King’s circus dioramas and retrospectives of Hungarian designer Eva Zeisel.

  • Petersen Automotive Museum

The Miracle Mile district was a mecca for drivers, and therefore a former department store located there became a suitable home for this museum of automotive culture.

The redesign of 2015 has since turned the Museum of Automotive History into a high-tech gallery, where about 150 cars are exhibited. Here you will find a mix of famous Hollywood cars, luxury vintage cars and high-performance supercars.

Something from the list you are interested in? Then call American Butler for details and book a tour!
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
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  • 4.Payment history
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
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