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Sights of Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a paradise for nightlife fans. From South Point Drive to 88th Street there are many cozy cafes and chic restaurants, expensive clubs and noisy bars. It is here that the most crowded streets of the city stretch: Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, the world-famous Art Deco quarter, which has attracted representatives of creative professions for more than a decade, is located.

South Beach, which is located in Miami Beach, is known for its unforgettable beaches and not only. Here you can have a wonderful time, walking through the boutiques and making crazy purchases.

Eccentric lifestyle and Miami Beach history

Art Deco district is saturated with frivolous and carefree atmosphere. It is here that you can touch the bohemian life of poets, writers, artists and other creative individuals, enjoy the tranquil architecture in pastel colors of three or five-storey hotels, such as the Victor Hotel, the Colony Hotel and the Congress.

These buildings, restored after the hurricane of 1926, reflect the style of the 30s-40s of the 20th century, but with some modern additions: railings and other exterior elements made of stainless alloys.

Charles and Henry Lam are considered the “fathers” of the district; in the 1870s, they acquired the land on which they founded a coconut farm. After 60 years in this area there were more than 800 buildings. These unique buildings give a unique look, and move guests for decades to the past. Such an atmosphere is preserved not only due to the appearance of the hotels and the cars parked near them, which have long become history.

The decoration of each hotel is unique and made in the spirit of the first half of the last century.

South Beach, Florida is the heart of the resort and the landmark of the resort: Photo Lumus Park - American ButlerMiami Beach: interesting places and sights

South Point Park - very similar to the Millennium in Chicago and Central Park in New York. The channel that runs along the park area is the link between the Atlantic Ocean and the marina. Park paths turn into paths running parallel to the bay, outlining the contour of the southern part of the city. Here you can walk pets, but only on a leash, and waste should be collected in special containers made of plastic.

A walk in the dark will allow you to enjoy the lights of the Light Tower (by the way, there are 18 colors), and in the daytime you will be presented with all kinds of water transport, including seaplanes and cruise liners. And yet, you can watch only hatched turtles directly on the beach.

On the south side of the park are the beaches of Key Biscayne and Virginia Key, as well as the sleeping area of Fisher Island, from the west - a cozy coral bay. The eastern outskirts will attract fishing enthusiasts, as there is a pier for fishing vessels. And this area is the true sand dunes, the truth is artificial. They were moved here along with flora to slow down the erosion of beaches.

For guests of the city, the park is open until 22.00, and you can walk along the pedestrian paths until 02.00.

Villa Gianni Versace - one of the buildings on the territory of Art Deco. Parapet and elegant vases, which preserved the famous logos. Now the mansion belongs to a telecommunications magnate, but continues to attract dozens of tourists every day. By the way, you can learn about the history of this house and the whole area on excursions from the American Butler company.

City South Beach, Miami Beach - photos of the city: restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels - American Butler

Things to do to guests of Miami Beach

The heart of Miami Beach is Ocean Drive. On the one hand, elite cafes are located, on the other - the ocean with coastal beaches, equipped with paid sunbeds and umbrellas. The most popular of them is Lumus Park. There are sports fields for playing football and volleyball, and on the other side of the street there are fashion clubs. Everyone will be able to choose a suitable type of holiday.

On the territory of South Beach life is in full swing around the clock, this area never sleeps, hundreds of clubs and bars welcome visitors until dawn. Along the beaches there is a plank of wooden boards, every hundred meters there are cozy gazebos with benches. But for rent sun beds have to pay money.

The beaches themselves delight their white sand and clean water in the ocean. But walking animals, drinking alcohol and riding a bicycle is strictly prohibited.

For the admirers of the arts, there is the Colonial Theater, which is considered to be the main one in this direction throughout South Florida. You can listen to classical music at the New World Center. Further, walking along Washington Avenue, you can look into art galleries, see the handicraft market, and even buy something there.

Visitors to the city can visit the World Erotic Museum, and those interested in design work - the Design Research Center. In general, no one will remain indifferent.

Photo of South Pointe park - main park in Miami Beach - American ButlerFashionable restaurants, romantic cafes and attractive hotels

The unique atmosphere and delights of culinary art are found in all establishments of Miami Beach, regardless of location. Professional chefs organize a mix of dishes from various national cuisines. In the struggle for customers in every cafe, restaurant or bar there is a time of discounts. You can taste the signature dish for a significantly smaller amount, or order two cocktails for the price of one.

Some eateries have their own stories. For example, Joe's Stone Crab visited Al Capone with his buddies, and in Mango's Tropical Cafe the coolest salsa dancers on the coast.

Night clubs also surprise their diversity. Here you can meet world stars and plunge into the glamor chic. For lovers of indie rock - Grand Central, a 24-hour beach holiday offers the Nikki Beach Club, and in the Bamboo Club you can enjoy exquisite Parisian design. Unforgettable romantic evening with live piano music is offered by the cozy Magnum Lounge. On South Beach, guests can choose to rest for every taste and budget.

The company American Butler will find you housing, according to your preferences and planned costs. In South Beach are quiet, comfortable hotels and unique, luxurious hotels. Whatever holiday you prefer, you will find exactly what you need.

Additional Information
City name Miami Beach and South Beach
Population 4900
Square 15.22 sq miles
Average annual income per family $115000-125000
Map District location
Whatever holiday you prefer, you will find exactly what you need with American Butler.
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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
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