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Little Havana in Miami

Miami is a true paradise for lovers of holidays and stunningly interesting vacations. No wonder many tourists flock to this American city to spend their well-deserved vacation. What is the suburb of Little Havana worth?

The city of Little Havana is a kind of “enclave” created by the ideological leaders of Honduras, Cuban patriots and immigrants from Nicaragua. Here is a special atmosphere, saturated with the aroma of cigars, the smell of traditional food and shrouded in the Latin rhythms of incendiary music. The architecture is peculiar: reed roofs, stucco on the walls, drawings instead of road markings on the streets, and graffiti on the fences and gates of houses.

History of Miami Little Havana

Little Havana — Miami street photo — American ButlerThey don’t like change here. Pensioners gather every day to play dominoes and chess, in the evenings their wives wrap themselves in a warm blanket and watch what is happening, sitting on the porch in a comfortable rocking chair, slowly enjoying natural coffee brewed in a Turk.

60 years ago, the Cubans who fled to Miami could not even think that their area would become one of the most popular in the world. If not for tradition. Every year, locals organize a carnival. Participants of the bright procession are more than one hundred thousand people. Disguised in elaborate costumes, people sing national Spanish songs, dance salsa and rumba, while elderly Cubans set up small tents along the street and sell tourists delicious fish from the Caribbean.

If earlier Little Havana corresponded to the name, now Cubans are located on an area of just over nine square kilometers. Around the Cuban town in Florida there is a freeway, the Miami River and the notorious Downtown, the oldest of the state.

This place will remain in your memory for a long time. Everyone is recommended to visit this area in order to at least touch the Latin American life and spend their evening in the "ethnic style".

Little Havana is multi-colored windows in Miami, unusual murals, as well as monuments connecting the past and present, small restaurants and local residents of the elderly, slowly drinking national coffee and smoking cigars to the sounds of dominoes and talking about politics. Now imagine all this to the sounds of rhythmic Afro-Cuban melodies, and you will immediately want to visit all the sights of Little Havana. Here you will be surprised to find how strange cultures can be intertwined with styles.

Attractions Little Havana in Miami — photo of the restaurant on Calle Ocho — American Butler

Little Havana: attractions and the heart of the suburbs

What is Little Havana and why is it included in the list of “the most unforgettable and interesting” sights of Miami? And you try to enter there first. Just a couple of steps is enough to find yourself in a completely different world. Like a time machine, you seem to be returning many years ago and get the opportunity to touch the unshakable culture and get acquainted with the true Spanish-Cuban style.

  • Eighth Street — Calle Ocho

Little Havana, Miami — photo of Calle Oche rooster and street — American ButlerHave you been on Calle Ocho in Miami? You haven't seen the real Cuba. This is the main street of Little Havana. Numerous shops where you can not just buy the famous Cuban cigars. They will be made in a couple of minutes, taking into account your preferences. There is also an art gallery where popular authors of ethnic paintings are exhibited.

  • Massimo Gomez — Domino Park

The only and unique domino park. There are no such number of “throw dice” fans anywhere else in the world.

  • Bay of pigs — library

The largest library stands on Ninth Avenue. On the other side of the building is a national museum. Experienced guides will tell the story of the resettlement of Cubans in Miami.

  • Eternal flame

Another monument of history and culture. Memorial Boulevard reminds Cubans of the foundations of an American military operation to overthrow Fidel Castro in the Gulf of Cabanos.

You will certainly enjoy the sights of Little Havana and you will no doubt bring the most interesting gifts from there for your friends and relatives.

Photo dominoes in Little Havana in Miami — American Butler

What to eat in Little Havana

  • Breakfast. Better coffee — only Cuban coffee. Local cafes have a wide range of cereal drinks. Their aroma spreads around the area, and luring tourists to try real coffee grown by real connoisseurs of this drink. An alternative to coffee is colada. Served with pastelito.
  • Lunch. Cuban Havana is not only a sweet tooth paradise. Delicate pastries, abundantly sprinkled with cane sugar, are served here with a combination of savory dishes. The neighborhood is thought out so organically that I want to try all the dishes on the menu. However, this is not possible. The portions are so large that even tourists rarely eat the first, second, and dessert. Prices are affordable.
  • Dinner. A visit to any Cuban restaurant is a must! Tables need to be reserved. There are too many willing. This is understandable. The hall has 35 seats, the food is delightful, the service is top notch.

Photo of a street restaurant in Little Havana, Miami — American ButlerThings to do in Little Havana in Miami

To the right you will go to the bar, you will turn left, you will be in the stadium, you will go straight and you will hear the opera. Only in Little Havana in one day you can try to plunge into a wide variety of activities. Music and dance lovers will love the Casa Panca.

Every Tuesday and Thursday is truly hot here. Everyone is dancing: both amateurs and professionals. For those who are embarrassed to try their abilities in rumba and flamenco, do not despair. Especially for beginners, an accelerated dance course works! They will immediately teach Cuban music.

Opera, performance, musical and ballet! At the Manuel Artime Theater - only the best productions. This cultural arena is the largest in Little Havana. The hall accommodates a little more than 8 hundred tourists. After the performance, do not forget to look at the stadium. There are always crowds of fans. The stadium building is unique. The roof moves apart, neither rain nor wind can disrupt the game.

Here you can rent housing for every taste and prosperity, rent a car of your dreams and independently travel Florida, make an appointment with eminent doctors with a worldwide reputation.

Many mothers dream that their unborn children will be born in Miami, in one of the best clinics in America! Now all this is a reality for everyone.

Additional Information
City name Little Havana
Population 4500
Area 3.5 sq miles (9 sq km)
Average annual household income $15,000-20000
Map Location of the area

Just contact American Butler. One call can radically change your life for the better!

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  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
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