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Key Biscayne — luxury island in Miami

Sooner or later, every resident of a big city gets tired of the daily routine and noisy traffic. At such moments, I really want to break away from the bustle of the city and retire with nature. For residents and visitors of Miami, there is a great opportunity to visit the tropical island of Key Biscayne, which is located five minutes from the city. The main advantage of living and relaxing on the island is easy access to the big city.

Key Biscayne landmarks in florida

A brief history of the island

Key-Biscayne, Florida — Panoramic Island View in Miami — American ButlerKey Biscayne Island in Florida is an amazing place that amazes with a riot of greenery and wildness. Fans of outdoor activities and wildlife can walk through the coconut grove, striking in its wild beauty.

People learned about this island thanks to the Spanish navigator Juan Ponce de Leon. It was he who discovered this heavenly place in 1503. In the 19th century, during the civil war, the island served as a haven for escaped slaves and Indians.

Today the island of Key Biscayne is an amazing combination of pristine nature and developed tourist infrastructure. Tourists love this place for a relaxing, secluded getaway on soft sand, surrounded by palm trees and sea waves. Anyone who has visited this island at least once will agree that this is where paradise is located.

Modern Key Biscayne is an island almost untouched by civilization. Basically, there are several dozen villas, small cozy restaurants and shops, an amusement park. For sports enthusiasts, there are golf courses and tennis courts.

What to do in Key Biscayne

Photo of yachts and boats in the Marina of Key Biscayne — American ButlerIf we talk about the sights of Key Biscayne, then the following places can be distinguished:

  • An amazing place for tourists to visit is the Miami Seaquarium — an oceanarium, where it is possible not only to get acquainted with the underwater world, but also to watch a spectacular show of trained dolphins, experience an adrenaline rush on rope rides, watch informative presentations about rare species of dolphins and whales.
  • For art lovers, there is a cinema and an art gallery on the island.
  • A comfortable beach holiday can be organized in Crandon Park, which provides a lot of marine activities to choose from: from boat trips to diving and surfing. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, the largest park on the island, also provides an opportunity to have a great time.
  • Biscayne Bay Lagoon is loved by visitors to the island for its peace and quiet. Here you can safely go fishing or climb the lighthouse, which was built during the Civil War.
  • The famous Atlantis Memorial Reef is a good way to reflect on the transience of human life and fragility, and find a better use for cremated remains than decorating a mantel. This is the world's largest artificial reef — an underwater mausoleum for the remains of survivors of cremation. The ashes here become an integral part of the reef, becoming part of the amazingly beautiful exhibition.

Attractions of Key Biscayne Island in Miami — Photo of the Miami Open Tennis Stadium — American Butler

Entertainment and recreation

The Miami International Boat Show is another attraction on Key Biscayne worth visiting. This is the largest exhibition of sailing yachts, boats and boats of different classes. Eminent yachtsmen will also perform within the framework of this exhibition. It takes place annually in February.

Also for vacationers there is the opportunity to rent a small pavilion on the Atlantic coast for a barbecue with family or friends.

Key Biscayne is an area famous for tennis and tennis tournaments. Until recently, one of the largest draws of the popular sport, the Miami Open, was held here. Just a couple of years ago, the tournament was moved from the island, but the entire infrastructure remained. And, if you want to play tennis with friends, you can pick up the court. It is not forbidden here.

For those who prefer a more luxurious vacation and do not regret parting with their money, there are several chic luxury hotels on the island. Clients here can enjoy the services of massage and spa salons, spend time in the gym or on the tennis court, soak up the private beach.

American Butler services

Americans like to say that there are two kinds of people: those who live on Key Biscayne Island and those who would like to live there. American Butler offers services for buying, selling and renting real estate for both one and another category of people.

Among the real estate on the island there are mainly luxury villas, as well as apartments and detached houses of different sizes. The company will also provide a car rental service, help hire home attendants, arrange a child for school or arrange treatment, including childbirth.

Additional Information
City name Key Biscayne (Key Biscayne)
Population 11800
Square 1.42 sq mi (3.6 sq km)
Average annual household income $100,000 — $115,000
Web site Visit the site
Map Location of the area
American Butler is a company that will provide an exclusive service in accordance with the wishes of the client. Contact us!
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Registration advantages:
  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
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