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Coconut Grove

The Coconut Grove area in Miami are morning jogging, evening walks, the view from the window and the French bakery next door - the place of residence introduces the new city as a good guide. Wherever you wish to live - in a modern penthouse, cottage with a Creole balcony or on a yacht - American Butler will find you an ideal option in any city of sunny Florida .

Coconut Grove — this translates the name of the charming coastal area of Miami. This name is consonant with the Russian word cocoon, which successfully conveys the atmosphere of comfort of its streets.

Coconut Grove — panoramic photo — American ButlerCoconut Grove — paradise and prestigious area of Miami

Once the inhabitants of the Bahamas settled here, who decided to try their luck on the mainland. In the early twentieth century, they were replaced by wealthy Americans, eager for eternal summer and the sea breeze. In the 60s, Coconut Grove was chosen by a bohemian: artists, musicians, hippies and lovers of free life. Since then, in this seemingly toy town, the spirit of relaxation and pleasure from simple joys reigns.

It is not easy to become a lark for a born owl, but the efforts spent are more than worth it if you meet the dawn on a sailing boat of Dinner Key Bay or the promenade of Peacock Park. On the way you can meet a family of peacocks — they feel great here.

Biking and hiking will allow you to get to the sights of the compact town and at the same time get to know its streets with an abundance of cafes, markets, souvenir and antique shops. By the way, the area differs from the sweeping Miami precisely in its chamberness, everything here is small, cozy and puppet.

In Coconut Grove, many attractions begin with the word "first." So, in the historical park of Barnacle, one of the first houses of the district, built in 1881 by Ralph Monroe, a famous ship designer, was preserved. His one-year-old, the house of Maraya Brown, is known for belonging to an independent colored woman. Stirrup’s house, built in 1897, also had the owner of a “pioneer”, a native of the Bahamas and the county’s largest landowner.

Coconut Grove — Miami City — American Butler

Magnificent Villa Viscaya

This architectural ensemble began ... Tractor. James Deering, whose family became rich in the production of agricultural machinery, was in charge of the accounting department of his father's company in Chicago. Poor health forced him to leave his native Illinois and move to a warm climate.

By order of Deering, the architect Hoffman built a charming villa in the style of the Northern Italian Renaissance on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Paul Salfan, director of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and a close friend, helped put together a collection of furniture and art.

An amazing garden with sculptures, fountains, grottoes and labyrinths was created by the landscape painter Suarez. In 1987, the villa was the meeting place of Reagan and John Paul II. Today it is a wonderful beauty museum with a unique antique collection.

Coconut Grove Florida — photo of Villa Vizcaya — American Butler

Hawaiian corner, entertainment and architecture of Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove in Miami — Biscayne Bay and Marina Yachts — American ButlerIn a small Coconut Grove there is a large botanical garden of tropical plants Kampong. This is one of the five territories of the National Association of Tropical Botanical Gardens, the remaining four territories are located on the Hawaiian Islands. The purpose of the association is to preserve endangered species. Scientists, students and volunteers from all over the world work here.

Kampong is known for fruit and flowering trees from Southeast Asia, Central and South America and the Caribbean, surrounded by which you can not only take a walk, but also organize a wedding.

Coconut Grove has a unique housing stock of buildings from the turn of the century and modern neighborhoods. The Mayfair hotel of architect Traister was built in 1984, but the smooth lines of its facade and sculptural bas-reliefs embody Art Nouveau.

An elegant Cruise wedding house with openwork balconies was built in 2003, but it seems that it was miraculously transferred from old New Orleans. The theater and the city hall are symbols of Art Deco geometry; their buildings really date from the thirties of the twentieth century.

The Church of the Congregation deserves special mention. This Spanish-style building was built in 1917 by one man, Felix Rebom. Architect — a loner used only an ax, a trowel, a plumb line and a square.

CocoWalk Mall is a shopping arcade with fountains, pretty shops and cafes. Cinema halls are located nearby, where you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching a movie, and Le Bouchon restaurant will delight you with French cuisine. You can get acquainted with local artists in the galleries of Krom and Cristina Chacon, and in February visit the eventful arts festival.

Additional Information
City name Coconut Grove
Population 21,000
Area 5.7 miles2
Average annual household income $65,000
Web site Visit website
Map Location of the area

If you fall under the charm of this town, American Butler will help you choose a comfortable place to stay.

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