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Bal Harbour

Bal Harbor is a neighborhood in Miami. It is very popular with rich people. Bel Harbor is located in the north of Miami Beach, next to Sunny Isles Beach in Florida. From the nearest airport, the city can be reached in 30 minutes.

The name was formed from a letter combination that designates the Gulf (B) and the Atlantic Ocean (Al). In the years of the 2nd World War there were hospitals for military personnel. At the end of the war, reconstruction of the structures was carried out. The hospital that was remade last was called Bal Harbor. From it came the name of the whole city.

Bal Harbor, Florida — panoramic photo — American ButlerBal Harbor — luxury and shopping district in Miami

Local residents here are engaged in recreation of all possible types: cycling in the parks, beach yoga, absorbing the best dishes in restaurants, yachts, leisurely shopping.

The beaches at Bal Harbour are amazingly clean and quiet. In the morning, you can achieve seclusion, rarely broken only by runners who cover 3 km daily, as well as families seeking to take a comfortable place early.

If we talk about the attractions of Bal Harbour, then they can be attributed to the local track for running. It originates in the northern outskirts of the city, stretches along the beach and dunes, and its end is in the south of the city.

The beaches here are especially attractive for those who want to relax after the bustling South Beach. It is dominated by calm and silence, making Bal Harbor something like Crandon Park. Most of the beaches in this city are territories of hotels, as well as elite neighborhoods. However, there is a public-type beach that stretches from 96th Street to the ocean.

Nearby parking is also public. On the northern outskirts, this beach ends with a bridge, on which you can admire the view of the Atlantic. You can hide from too hot sun at noon in the Bal Harbour Shops, which is also very close. Even on this beach you can watch a movie in the fresh air.

The Bal Harbour area in Florida is the perfect place to enjoy an elite vacation, one step from the ocean.

Bal Harbour City Florida — beach photo — American Butler

Entertainment, hotels and restaurants

It offers such wealthy people favorite entertainment as fishing on a yacht, windsurfing, diving and hunting under water. Art museums are the main attractions of Bal Harbour. They organize exhibitions and other entertaining events.

Bal Harbour Shops hosts renowned artists. Also, this center regularly serves as a venue for fashion demonstrations. For everyone who wants to live in a luxurious apartment with ocean views, Bal Harbour can be a great alternative to South Beach.

Bal Harbour — hotels, restaurants, shopping, rental homes and apartments — American ButlerHere are exclusively luxury hotels with the highest comfort, the best restaurants, fenced beaches, heated pools. Each hotel has rooms with views of the Atlantic Ocean. The main hotels of the city:

  • Ritz Carlton;
  • Sea View;
  • St. Regis.

Like other establishments, restaurants here are luxurious and respectable. The small town is characterized by amazing sophistication. This also applies to catering establishments. Since the public here is very wealthy and used to the best, local restaurants are also amazing. They offer luxury meals in an elite setting.

  • Makoto is a restaurant serving traditional cuisine of the land of the rising sun — yakitori and sashimi. A list of the most delicious dishes posted in this restaurant in the most prominent place. Those who visit Makoto most recommend tasting fish dishes with spices.
  • The J&G Grill restaurant is very tall, with a very elegant interior and glass walls. It serves American cuisine with various desserts, cocktails and wines.
  • Do not forget about Carpaccio. This is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the area.

Bal Harbour, Florida — Miami Neighborhoods — American Butler

Shopping at Bal Harbour

The resort since the mid-20th century has been a symbol of all of Miami. To a large extent, local shops contributed to this. They radiate luxury everywhere, from changing rooms to parking. Bal Harbour is a true shopping paradise.

Bal Harbour Shops is located in a former military hospital building. Today it is a leader in sales per 1 sq. km. m throughout the United States. On 2 floors there are several large supermarkets and many small shops where you can pass the day by simply looking at the goods or participating in a party.

Bal Harbour Shops is the most prestigious shopping complex on the east coast, loved by celebrities. By assortment, the local shops are not inferior to New York's 5th Avenue and the Champs Elysees.

For everyone who wants to visit Bal Harbour and spend time there, American Butler offers the services of selecting the best accommodation in this city.

American Butler will allow you to realize your requests at 100% and enjoy the best vacation of an elite level with a minimum of hassle on your part.

Additional Information
City name Bal Harbour
Population 3050
Area 0.64 sq mi (1.66 sq km)
Average annual household income $85,000 – $ 100,000
Web site Visit website
Map Location of the area

Apartments and houses for rent in Bal Harbour — enjoy the ease and beauty!

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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
  • 3.Secure payments
  • 4.Payment history
  • 5.Subscribe to news and updates
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  • 1.Receiving discounts and bonuses
  • 2.Comments and ratings
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